Steampunk gunslinger
Trying hard with metal and textures in general. What do you people think? What can I fix? I get the feeling that she's like... not IN the scene.

[Image: gunsling3_by_dadapan-d6jye9l.png]

Love her Outfit! The first thing I would do is check her anatomy, her left arm looks out of place. Something simple but important, you have her hair blowing to the right but the steam around her is still.

I would create a grey scale image above the color and work out the values, there needs to be some contrast between the background and her (lightest light against darkest dark). You can easily create a flattened layer you then can make grey scale by creating a new layer above the other layers then hold down the option key while you merge the visible layers, this will create a layer you then can make grey scale.

Accumulate allot of reference, the gun, belts, hair, anything with gears like watches and clocks. Steam punk takes what we know and turns it on its head, we still need to know what the object is in the background. The background can help tell her story.

I would love to see more.

thank you so much! That was an excellent critique!

You know, I actually took lots of reference, I looked at XIX century's outfits, guns, cogs, clocks, I even spent like half an hour looking at wayne reynold's gunslinger. I guess, I should have used more of it, then.

Your detail and ideas are great!

Use your photo reference not only for graphic ideas but for the details, like folds in clothing or reflections on metal. Often your reference has very little to do with your painting, you may come across reference material of the way leather folds around a wrist or ankle or the stitching of a purse or chair. Adding these small details will give your painting an added depth of realism.

Can't wait to see more.

Oh, I get it, you're right! Again, thanks a lot for the critique, it's really helpful and encouraging!
I'll try to apply all you told me to the next one. Oh, and thanks for the grayscale trick too!


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