Primal Hero - Online Browser-based Monster Fighter
Hello there people, so since about May, my brother and I have been working on our own game called Primal Hero and were finally ready to actually tell people about it. For now I'm just gonna post the videos and some artwork I've done for it on here but I'll be updating this thread quite often. If you want to help support us you can go to any of the social network sites below and just give us a like or a follow and that'd be really awesome :) Thanks





[Image: 27248.png]


[Image: b33b238ff8b6fe1e2188d90d6fb858a8.png]

[Image: b41bc815d32d8129d28e24beb4423b0a.png]

Great start! looking awesome

Thanks Jacob :)

It's Primal Wednesday!

Thanks for everyone who liked and shared our videos on Monday. We want to keep everyone updated so every Wednesday we will be releasing a new Primal, starting with the 3 starters you can choose from. This week is the Garuda! Garuda specializes in speed and accuracy, meaning it will likely strike first and be hard to pin down with an attack. Later in our other weekly updates you will see how this makes it well suited to evolve into a wind element Primal for tanking bosses. Our next update will be on Friday so we'll see you all soon, and keep up the support!

[Image: starter-release.png]

It's Lore Friday!

Every Friday we will release bits and pieces of the story for Primal Hero shown through journal entries and writings of main characters that will slowly shape the world that we're creating for our players. This week is a journal entry of a character you will see very often, Radigan, the Archmage's assistant.

Our Next update will be on Monday and we will discuss Game Mechanics. See you then :)

[Image: Radigan_Journal_1.png]

It's Mechanics Monday!

Every Monday we will be posting information regarding various game mechanics that will be implemented into our game. This week we're showing off the 6 stats that each Primal will have and what each stat does.

Don't forget that this Wednesday we will be releasing another one of our starters so stay tuned and spread the word :)

[Image: stat-mock-up.png]

It's another Primal Wednesday!

This week we are showcasing the second starter, the Drakken! Drakken specializes in pAttack and pDefense. That means that any physical attacks, whether he's using one or the opponent is using one on him, will lean in his favor. Later in one of our Mechanics Monday updates you will see how these stats will be especially good if you evolve a Drakken into certain elements. Our next update will be on Friday so we'll see you all soon, and thanks so much for all of the support :)

[Image: starter-release_drakken.png]

It's Lore Friday!

This week is an entry in the Archaeis Historical Chronicles explaining the ending of the Eagle's Reign, and the birth of the Wolf's Reign. We hope you like it!

Our Next update will be on Monday and we will go into detail about the different elements that Primals can be in the game. See you then :)

[Image: Historium_part1.png]

Hello everyone and welcome to another Mechanics Monday!

This week we’re explaining the different elements that Primals can be in the game and what each element specializes in. Having different elemental Primals will be very important when going through raids with your friends. There are 3 roles that need to be filled when a group goes to fight through a raid: Tank, Support, and Striker. Every element has the ability to fill the Striker role, but only certain elements can be Tanks or Supports.

[Image: Elements-mock-up.png]

It's Primal Wednesday!

The day has come, the final starter has been revealed! Say hello to the Gargoyle! Gargoyle specializes in mAttack and mDefense. So if you remember from our last update, that means that this little guy will be an especially good Primal to play either a Water-type support role or do some heavy Fire-type magic damage. Our next update will be on Friday so stay tuned and share us around :)

[Image: starter-release_gargoyle.png]

It's Lore Friday!

This Lore Friday is slightly different, instead of a passage from a book we're introducing a character that you'll be seeing quite often in the game. Who are the Scarlet Blades and why do they want to take the city? You'll find out in future Lore Fridays. Next update is on Monday, have a nice weekend everyone!

(Yes, that's Dave)

[Image: ScarletBlades1.png]

It’s Mechanics Monday everyone!

Today we’re showing you the basics of character gear. That’s right, your character has gear and it actually matters! There are 3 types of gear your character can obtain.

-Magical Tools



Each item will give statistic bonuses to your Primals in combat. Just about any combination of stat buffs is possible, so you will be free to customize your gear for however best suits your Primal lineup. Want to tank? Grab pDefense, mDefense, and evasion. Have unique PvP lineup that mixes it up? Mix up your gear and grab a variety of stats.

[Image: Gear.png]

Happy Primal Wednesday to everyone!

Today we're showing you the wind element evolutions of the Garuda: the Valkyr and the Valkyrie. Since the Garuda already has great speed and accuracy, Transmuting it into the wind element is a great choice to capitalize on those stats. This makes the Valkyrie a great evasion based Tank, as well as an accurate Striker.

[Image: Garuda-Evolution-Release.png]

Loooooooooooore Fridaaaaaaaaay!

This week we bring you another scene featuring a prominent character in the game. How do the Azure Guard fit in with what is about to unfold? Everything will become clear soon in future updates. And for our next update on Monday we have a brand new video to show you all! Thanks everyone and keep up the support :)

If you want a closer look at General Daniel and Lord David you can see the full designs on our DA page here:

[Image: AzureGuard1.png]

Here is the link to our new video showcasing our updated combat graphics. We hope you all enjoy them, we will try our hardest to get another video showcasing more gameplay by the end of the month.

Until then, keep following our updates of new Primals, new mechanics, and the unveiling of the main storyline of Primal Hero. Thanks everyone :)

Haha, yesss Dave and Dan characters.

What program are you using for those particle effects?

Jacob we're using Unity for the particle effects :)

Happy Primal Wednesday everyone!

Today we've released the Seiryu. It is the water element transmutation of the drakken. The Seiryu will make a great off-tank/ support since both its defenses will increase consistently. This will be a great support to have in boss fights with a lot of area of effect attacks (attacks that hit multiple targets). While the boss is dishing out the damage, the Seiryu can soak it up and heal it back like nothing ever happened.

Next update is this Friday so see you all then :)

[Image: Drakken-Evolution-Release.png]

Happy Lore Friday everyone!

This one was a doozy to put together but here it is! We're now starting to get into the main storyline and we really hope you guys enjoy it :) For a better look check it out on our DeviantArt page here:

See you all on Monday for our next update!

[Image: Mainstory1.png]

Happy Mechanics Monday!

We’ve revealed before that each element is weak or strong against other elements. While the numbers in the programming back this up, we want these advantages to be more than just statistics. The way the mechanics of each element are structured will also encourage these advantages and disadvantages.

If you're having trouble reading the text you can see a higher quality version on our DA page here:

[Image: Elements_mechanics-mock-up.png]

P-p-p-primal Wednesday!!!

This week we're showing the Balord! The Balord is the Fire element transmutation of the Gargoyle starter. Because of the gargoyle's affinity for magical abilities, transmuting it into the Fire element gives the Balord insane magical offensive abilities. If you need a hard hitting magical striker, the Balord is the way to go.

See you all on Friday for another Lore Friday update :)

[Image: Gargoyle-Evolution-Release.png]

Lore Friday!

This week we delve deeper into the main storyline. What is happening to the kingdom? What's causing these portals? And how will this affect Archaeis? You'll find out in future Lore Fridays ;)

Next update is on Monday and it's showing a side of the game none of you have seen yet, see you then!

[Image: Mainstory2.png]


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