Farvus' Sketchbook
Low on energy today so I made just few quick composition studies.

Lovely variety of stuff here. The studies using Shaddy's technique look solid, can see the underpainting coming through there. I think what might help is to push your tone and composition more? I'm not seeing a whole lot of storytelling in your piece. Master studies is a good place to start so keep those up : )

I wish you would post more often! Your work is beautiful, I'm especially liking the space scene in the last page. I don't even know what I can crit, everything is on the right path.
Eristhe - Thanks for suggestion on what to improve.
Yeah. I sometimes get a little bit dull colors and tones. It's something I'm still working on. Poor compositions probably come from the bad habit of being too lazy to do some thumbnails before moving into finished piece.
As for the lack of storytelling. Well, if you look at some of my portfolio pieces, they definitely have more storytelling than the images in here. I want to threat this sketchbook thread more as a place for studies than imagination work beacause I haven't done studies in ages. I'll definitely do some new illustration and designs once in a while.

BenFlores - Thanks, man. I wish I could post more often too but the day only has 24 hours :). Also it may not seem like it but I actually have lots of things to improve. I reached plateau in the last few years and now I want to push hard to have some new breakthrough in my art.

Here's new master study. The painting is "Above Eternal Peace" by Isaac Levitan.

Very nice master study there, you've captured the contrasts well. Some of the edges look at little rough (around the clouds mainly), but that's probably the only thing, if anything, that I have to suggest on improving.

StardustLarva - Thanks. I noticed clouds are a bit too rough after I posted this image. I'll try to improve them but maybe later beacause I reached a limit of how much I can do studies for a week :D.

Having some fun with designing aircrafts. The bottom one is inspired by A-10 Warthog.

Some quick character sketch. The full body was drawn in Alchemy with help of mirror mode. Face close-up in Photoshop. Used 3d model of head as ref.

Playing with Cinema4d. It's very crude model but I learned on it a bit.

For fun experimenting with colors.

Bunch of new thumbnails.

Just a doodle to relax after work. Damn I got rusty...

Nice works here mate,
I wanted to say if you are not going for a in game model for the train piece , you should add more detail just by adding some cubes and cylinders to it, and can use splines for pipes and cables. I haven't used C4D but I suppose it has some options to render splines as geometry, and that is a quick and easy way of doing tubular forms.
Oh and I loved the Hopper Chopper concept in the previous page, hope you gonna devolop it further :)

AliceChopper - Thanks for the suggestion on the train piece. This model wasn't really supposed to be a finalized piece. I was just trying out different tools till I got tired at the end of the day :). There is option for turning splines into tubes and cables in C4D.
The Hopper Chopper concept is going to be developed further.

New thumbnails with trying stuff out.


Architecture thumbnails from photos.

Almost always after doing studies I'm totally not in the mood for some imagination drawing. It's as if those two activities where mortal enemies.

I took two random photos from the net and turned them into abstract paintings to practice composition.

I try to compiling five short exercises into one set. It's two color thumbnails from movies, linear architectural/landscape thumbnail from photo, silhouette studies, 90 second gestures and turning photo into abstract composition. Took me about 2 hours to do all. A little bit too much.

New one.

From life drawing sessions. A3 format, pastel pencil.

Doing some abstract pieces so I can focus on playing with color and texture.

Doing photo studies in thumbnail size. I decided half way to leave a space underneath images so I can write some notes in case I forget. I feel like I learned some stuff from this exercise.


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