Farvus' Sketchbook
Hey, you have some really nice stuff in here! I really like you environments, especially those where you simplify your colors and shapes. I worry that you do a bit too many things at once, maybe it would be better to focus an one theme at a time. Do you have a specific goal like an environment concept artist for example? If you do it'd be probably better to focus on what you need to achieve that goal.

Anyway keep this up, Your work is great!

Pozdrawiam :)

BjorkJT - Thanks!

Piotr Jasielski - Unfortunately this is my curse that has been slowing my progress a lot. I can't help it. I always liked to experiment and try different themes. The good side to this is six years ago I landed at in-house job as 2d artist for casual games and it turned out that I have to do there a little bit of everything and handle different kind of projects. I would even sometimes worry I'm not versatile enough for what's thrown at me.
As for my direction. I'm pretty directionless lately. At some point I tried focusing entirely on environments because that's the best direction for me when it comes to going further in the games industry. I didn't manage to stay with it for long for several reasons. I actually enjoy studying other things too (like characters). Also I got my own ideas and projects that I want to do and it would be impossible to do these without different subject matter. I can't really tell complex story with environments alone.
I'll definitely end with those very rough abstractions. It was just my method to shake away my usual habits with using specific textures and shapes. Doing this too much though wouldn't lead anywhere.

For today quick asaro head studies. I'll do more traditional stuff for future updates. By that I mean stuff drawn in sketchbook. I feel like I stare at the monitor too much. :)

I'm the same, I think if I focused more on one thing it would turn out better for me, but I just couldn't decide - I wanted to do everything.

Hey. It's been a long while and I neglected this sketchbook while posting more on Facebook. The problem is that Facebook is now too time consuming and becomes and more like junkyard. All sorts of stuff mixed up. I'm trying to limit it but I'm not sure yet how to go about it yet.

This is going to be large post as in may I was doing #maysketchaday activity. Quick sketch every single day.




























I startrd sketching my city from life and also meeting with local Urban Sketchers group. Here are some pages from my sketchbook dedicated to that.

A bit of photo reference studies.


Anatomy studies.

Just discovered you SB, super sweet stuff! I dig your linework, especially on those urban sketches. Keep it going!

miracoly - Thanks!

Pretty quick exercise in which I try to paint gray concrete ball in a way that it blends with the environment in the photo. It forces a bit to analyze how the light works.

It's been a while since I've been here. I got a new job a year ago as 2d artist in new company for mobile games but unfortunately lately I don't have much chance to do the drawing because of UI tasks. I decided to reanimate this thread. Facebook groups and instagram don't really do for me unfortunately.
I've been waiting for Massive Black forum to come back but they shut it down and it's taking too long for them to rework it.

I'll post more curated group of artworks here since I was last time here. Otherwise it would be lots of spam.

Latest enviros

Creatunary posts

Fenrir (creatunary)

Rhinogoat (creatunary)

Racoossum (creatunary)

Ammut (creatunary)

Interstellar creature (creatunary)

Self portrait for the Self portrait day 2020

Recent studies.


From photo ref

Awesome sketches! I didn't know Massive Black went down. do you know what happened? Kind of funny since it was kind of meant to replace CA.org I think. I never bothered with it because it seemed dead and the interface was terrible to me.

Very nice sketches and brushwork. That Fenrir picture is particularly atmospheric.

I second Joseph's question about Massive Black. Is it supposed to come back at some point? I checked it out when it was up, but the sketchbook and forum design was terrible.
JosephCow, Pubic Enemy - Thanks! Massive Black forum is going to come back but I don't know when it's going to happen. It's taking long time now. There was discussion on how to make it better because people weren't satisfied with it. Especially with sketchbook section. I didn't like it either. They showed some mockup of how it could be improved and even made small competition for people to post their mockups but nobody sent anything. I made some submission but it was many days after the deadline (I wonder if they checked it). MB's idea was something that still felt a little bit like instagram in dark mode. Who knows. Maybe it will work. They shut down the forums just to work on improvements. In the meantime there is MB discord channel set up but it's almost dead right now.

Hopefully it will be better when it returns. I wonder though if better solution would be using some existing modern takes on forums and just add gallery to that. People are complaining that forum format doesn't work anymore but somehow they used forums for many years before Facebook.

Thanks for the information, I hope it does come back eventually. I can understand the complaint that the forum format doesn't work anymore, but only because it doesn't fit with the current social media landscape. For having discussions, nothing has actually improved on forums in terms of utility.
(04-18-2021, 10:12 PM)Pubic Enemy Wrote: Thanks for the information, I hope it does come back eventually. I can understand the complaint that the forum format doesn't work anymore, but only because it doesn't fit with the current social media landscape. For having discussions, nothing has actually improved on forums in terms of utility.

I think the forum could probably be improved. But Massive Black tried to do this thing where it was half forum, half art station portfolio kind of. It was really cumbersome and confusing. I can't think of what would actually be better that wouldn't just turn the site into social media, which I think nobody wants.

Pubic Enemy - yeah. I agree.
JosephCow - Some degree of social media style might be neccessary. To me it would have to resemble some mix of forum where you can also check one stream of posts from the whole thing like reddit or facebook wall. Maybe also more improved system for notification where you can follow some stuff more easily depending how to set it up. But then here you can subscribe to threads too so and there is viewing "Today's posts" so it's kind of similar. I don't know. Maybe just better stick with what works than experiment too much :).

Photo ref study. I tried to make it more impressionistic where it blends in the eye a bit.

Do you use photobashing? If not maybe you could start to experiment more with it i think it would suit your graphic style.

My Sketchbook
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I think you did a good job with the varying levels of detail and contrast. The feeling of depth is strong.
really nice studies and paintings. The one with the jet and the one beneath it have excellent colours and composition. Sorry to hear you're doing UI stuff, that sounds a bit dull

Nice studies. I love the mood in the last experiment!

My only suggestion since you're playing with painterly styles is to experiment with the transform and warping tools to conform strokes to regular surfaces. This will free you to reduce faraway details at your own pace instead of doing so because the incongruent brush size is breaking the illusion of perspective. Something like this:

darktiste - Yeah I did some photobashing already but maybe not as much as I should because it's really powerful technique for concept art. For making photo ref study it doesn't make much sense though.
Pubic Enemy - that's good to know. I introduced slightly more atmospheric perspective than there is on the reference just to push the depth a little bit.
Skeffin - Thanks! Yeah. UI can be dull sometimes.
dimensional-knight - Oh wow. Thanks! I apprecieate that you took time to show visual example. Yeah. I sometimes paint texture flat and then do transform. I guess I got lazy half way and didn't take time to apply this to some crucial brush strokes in the distance. I'll try to use it more often. I wish Photoshop had this perspective setting on a brush that you got in Krita. It allows you to make brush marks that change size according to the perspective grid.

I tried slightly different approach to studying environment. This time only small section :)

Solid study, lighting looks on point and it's very nicely constructed! Very clean. Love the texture work as well, keep it up!

Love your recent artwork, especially the Interstellar creature. Wish it had a bit more vibrant colours though. I will keep an eye on this sketchbook :)


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