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Wow, really awesome recent work. Holyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeek.

Makes me think about joining Anthony Jones' workshop someday, when I've saved enough, haha. Really amazing improvement man! Keep going! SERIOUSLY. DON'T STOP NAO. Thumbs_up


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Bookend: Thanks bud :) Been a bit slow lately, but picking it up again now :)


More thumbnail practice, one of my recent anatomy studies, tonight's drawing group result, and another modelling practice. I've been doing gestural anatomy studies, but now I feel the need for more academic muscle and skeleton studies. Sadly I don't really have the book for that except Goldfinger's book. I'll have to spend more time away in libraries to copy their stuff. 

[edit] " ...women are considered uptight if they don't want to take things further too soon, while men would be considered gentlemanly if they chose the same path." Read an article on this and some of its discussion comment. Never thought of things from this angle. However, in any case, for social attitude to change it either takes a long time, or usage of 110% of someone/people's life and energy dedicated to pushing for change (eg. MLK Jr.). Since I neither have a godly lifespan, nor interest in throwing my life's work into social reformation. I suppose things like these will have to remain only curious perspective exercise. Perhaps the future will witness unimaginable social change for the better.

Good job on the studies and thumbnails - lovely lines, as always :) And curious designs too, it’s always fun to see what you’re coming up with. Keep it up!

The same behavior being viewed differently depending on the acting person is true in many aspects, not just regarding „taking things further“. Like the by now rather well known example of the ambitious woman being bossy or pushy, whereas the ambitious man is well regarded as a strong and confident person. However, social change is a matter of every single person, and you don’t have to spend 110% of someone’s life and energy (though that can help for breakthroughs). If everyone’s at least trying to be aware of things going wrong in society (be that regarding treatment of women, minority groups or whatever), and acknowledging that this is the case, and tries to do their share, no matter how small - change will happen too.

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Lyra: Isn't it impossible to be conscious of things being wrong if one's perfectly comfortable with the current situation in their personal life? We see all sorts of headlines daily on computer and smartphones, they're as impacting as fruit flies hitting our faces. Another thing is if I should talk to people to bring up different perspectives, it's the impending debate that I hate the most, because I seem to have absolutely no eloquence or a shred of convincing power in speech. I suppose that earlier post was more a whine of one who won't make a difference in the world than anything else! 

Serious stuff aside, some more studies and sketches:

A few days ago my purchase of Terryl Whitlatch's 2 new books on creature design arrived. I haven't read through all the text yet, but I did some studies of her lizard and amphibian drawings, thinking it'll help me get the orthographic views of my next modelling exercise to look better. I also used the studies to guide my most recent thumbnail exercises.

These new thumbs are using the new 10% markers I got on sales. Truth be told, while the light shading is nice, I don't think it justifies all those plastic wastes from every marker. So I finally dedicated one of my water brush to holding diluted black watercolor. I tried Sumi ink as well as waterproof comic inking India Ink, but the thing is Sumi ink clumps together a bit like honey does when it sits around, and India Ink dries on the some-what exposed brush tip, and doesn't dissolve when washing in water again. So while black watercolor is quite weak, it's the safest choice for the water brush's longevity.

The mushroom stems are more of a guilty pleasure studies in that I probably could and should've done them in an hour in photoshop, but decided I would indulge myself in fun instead of profit, and scratched away slowly at them with color pencils instead. It was interesting to see how this method relates to a Photoshop method using solid color layer style with mask, one I started to use earlier in some mentorship creature concept paintings.


Love the bunny with the jack in a box! You gotta paint it !
Also studies and designs are looking hella sweet :)

IF you get another brush pen and fill it out with water, you can use the brush pen with caked up sumi ink as a palette, just touch the brushtips together, you can dissolve the ink and get gradients at the same time :D

The colour pencils are working out well, juicy mushroom stems and all! Think you can integrate it with your photoshop workflow?
dodeqaa :  You'll see~ my new plan will incorporate secondary project hours within the day so all these side doodles will get properly colored and improved in the near future. 

Haven't done much beyond a couple pages of shape studies since Christmas because family time and then friend time. So! Now that I've slept off some stuff from last night, I can sit in this once-again quiet spot, and get the next few months planned out in steps and details. There are several things to juggle, on top of regular studies and learning, so they better be organized now before the mess messes me up. 

Here are the shape sketches from a library book. Libraries are gold mines. If you have either public or private (example, someone who owns shelves of books or interesting objects) libraries within reach-ability, go study there. 

One thing I like about shape-sketching with markers on paper - despite all that plastic wastes and bad fume - is, as I might've already mentioned, is the shapes I get on the back of the page. They are different and interesting enough to serve as another thumbnail. So I get 2 for the price of 1, hahaha! I didn't scan the backsides here, because that feels redundant. 

Huuuuge variety you have here meat, makes for some wicked designs.


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I know this was bought up literally a year ago (it's 2016 now I have the right to make that joke) but double standards and shifts in behaviour are basically all around us at any point in time, we just acknowledge them as everyday and normal. We're at the point where if someone exposes a bit of disparity we really don't care all that much because we're acclimated to it. The very idea of race, gender, nationality or whatever are testaments to how deeply rooted expectations are, which are different for every group. If we want to make a paradigm shift in our perception of others we'd have to communally overcome the biological hardwiring of our brains and abolish individual upbringing. So long as we have our individuality, we'll never come to a group conclusion on how we should handle equality. in my opinion, atleast. so what i'm saying is that we should go full hivemind, that'd be cool.


Your designs are looking gorgeous and your linework is super slick. Keep it up!
Hey !
Thanks for droping by my SB here, really appreciate it ! : )

You're doing a really good job with all of these studies, really nice and interesting shapes, maybe if you add just a bit more detail to your creatures and such, maybe something will happen :D I don't know, just my thoughts >.< :p

Anyway, keep it up !

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Heya Meat, thanks for your comments on my painting. 

I love those shell studies, they're wonderful. Really beautiful stuff, you've reminded me I ought to do more studies from my collection of shells. Keep up the awesome work Meat.

Hey dude, thanks for stopping by!

You've come a long way, I loved your life drawing and traditional paintings from the first page, you went all digital now?! Show some more!! :D

Keep it going, I need to drawww moaaeerrrr

Cool designs and the idea with the colored thumbs is great.

some of your creatures are a bit hard to see where is the face.

You make great use of the mentorship. Keep it up.

Do you use photo-overlays in your work? Sorry if you are talking about that somewhere, I didn't read all the text :(

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

Impressive work meat! You've gotten really good at making materials read. I see improvements all around.

I think you can work on how these creatures are planted onto the ground, as if they have weight. Also , go easy on the textures in the shadows.
RottenPocket: Thanks, bud! I’m trying really hard to come up with great designs, and of course need to take them beyond mere sketches.

Vornag: Double standard is rather inevitable, and I do it too, but I wish at least we can learn to not let our double standard tendencies become the cause of whole groups of other people’s woes.
Glad you like my line work J I actually have really sloppy ones that never get scanned, and one day want to have line work like ancient Chinese brush drawings, or like Van Gogh :D

ShinOkami: Hmm, details, yeah, it’s a lesson there learning how to strategically place details in a design J

StardustLarva: You have a collection of shells? They’ll make great subject for practicing how to depict 3D forms, and use their silhouettes for fun stuff, do it!

AlCo: I need to learn digital painting skills and 3D sculpting skills because getting work as an illustrator or concept artist require those skills – at least in the beginning. I can’t afford to wait until I’m Donato level with my oils to get work, lol! The most I can maybe do with traditional now is just still life.

Flo: Yeah some thumbnails are just too weird, lol! I use photo overlay for my mentorship creatures, then I alter the photo as well as paint over the photo. I much prefer painting texture but being able to use a photo to speed things up is a very good thing to learn too, and takes less time than learning to render each material by hand.

BenFlores: Ben, good points! I gotta work on the solid, rooted feel and be more choosy about details everywhere.

Sketchosoph: Thanks for the book rec! Still learning and trying hard to put reference and studies in application, will keep pushing!


So here’s  a few things – more from the artist meeting on Saturday night. If you’re in tri state and want to get out to Bryant Park area on Saturday afternoon/evening, this is what we do: 

Here’s a creature I’m going to use as sculpting practice. I have no idea how to sculpt in ZBrush, even after that cartoon mouse practice. It’s taking me a long time to get through the torturous mud trench that is called the beginner stage in both 2D and 3D digital media. 

Here are 3 studies of fish scale from photo reference, and the 4th one is application after studies, which is painting fish scales based on what I remembered, without looking at any reference. 

Not posted are a bunch of unsightly attemps at anatomy studies that are unsightly because I was distracted while doing them. I fell into the misconception that pro must multi-task, like sketching while watching animal documentary while listening to business audiobook. Doesn’t work. Not for me. At the end of a 3-headed day I remember absolutely nothing useful from the multi tasks, and my anatomy sketches solidly convicted me with their plain-to-see sub quality. 

love the creatures you're creating! the concept is really cool
MEGA UPDATE woohooo!!!

See, this is what I mean when I say your figure work is cool - dynamic, good proportions, interesting, nice! You won’t convince me otherwise by posting nice stuff like this :P Wish I could attend drawing meetups with you…

Prancing Paul-Lin is really cool. Love all these bones and curves!

Looking forward to the sculpt of Bighorn~ and then make it shinnyyy with textures~ 

The winged amphib concepts are cool too! Some nice liens and shapes going on there.

Good job! Keep going! :)

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Every feedback is appreciated!
your latest studies, the yellow ones are good, I would suggest upping the contrast, especially in the shadows and try to get rid of any lines to encrease the real-feel. Cheerio!

Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

Dang that prancing paul lin looks terrifying, you have really good ideas. Excited to see those 3d renders if you're still at it.

I'm the same with multi-tasking, it only works If I'm doing something brain dead or something that I've got experience at already.Can't even have exciting music or anything with lyrics on any more.
Snowbird: Hello there! Thanks! Glad you like ‘em :)

Lyra: I’m not sure what proportion or good figure or nice lines you’re seeing here! :D I actually cleaned them up this time before posting. I wish you can attend the meet up too, they’ll be happy to finally meet you!

Flo: Sure is something I’ve been trying to get better at – so easy to get blurry with digi painting or the opposite.

Ben: Thanks Ben! Oh you just described my working situation to a T! Well it’s what work (or doesn’t) for us, so we’re just gonna have to charge down that path.


I'm an introvert who don't last much in any social situation. So when a friend sent out formal invitation to her birthday party I was pretty torn. In the end I regretfully declined and tried to made up for it with a bespoke birthday card that - surprisingly - took 5 hours!

Thumbnails of 3 stuff I'm working on: 


Be like a serial killer. Intelligent, charming, planning, and most of all, enjoy the long distasteful work that always leads up to the final satisfaction of the kill at the end of the night.

Yooo. The 1st and 4th dragon thumbnails look pretty cool :)
Its a shame about the birthday, I hope they like the card.


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