Lion-O finished.
Ok this took me a to still practising drawing for sure but this book is really helping me!
Thanx "7brushes" for let me know about this book!
Hope you like it Daggers! Greetings.

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Everything changes, nothing remains constant.
First thing I would say is, scale that img down! It's tough to see the whole image at once, which makes it difficult to comment on the image as a whole.

It looks like you have some nice use of texture and lighting, but I think the weaker part of the images is the pose, and general anatomy of the guy. To be honest, it looks like you really wanted to draw the two thunder cats logos, and the guys head, and then just drew a body to connect them.

This approach makes the whole thing look a little flat.The sword is facing the POV directly. The same with the belt, and the same with the torso. The head is at a 3/4 angle, which is nice.

Try to think about the pose as a whole. If you were standing there, with a sword, would you ever stand like that? I would say that most people wouldn't stand in the pose you have here, as it is pretty unnatural.

So I guess my advice for your next piece is, just spend a little time thinking about the image as a whole, or drawing some thumbnails before diving in and doing all of the fun stuff!

Hope that wasn't too long or harsh. SO keep up the good work man, you have some nice painterly effects going on, it's just the underlying drawing that needs some more forethought!


Yeah, i undestand what you say and totally agree, that's the problem i'm trying to correct, the sketch, the first draw, belive me that i'm working on it!
Everything changes, nothing remains constant.

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