Relicencing costs??
Hey peeps, can any fulltime or working freelancers out there tell me how you generally go about pricing licencing for already created work? I'm fine at estimating cost for work, but when I get asked about licencing for existing stuff, I have no clue.

It would be good to get your actual formulas or charges and rationale behind it if you can.


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Easy Amit. It's one million dollars a piece for limited time and use. You're welcome.

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haha i got asked that the other day by someone on deviantart, i didnt know either, so i didnt reply.
Curious about what other people experienced with that usually charge.

Ah I figured it out. Just got annoyed how dead the forum is again.

Basically whatever you want, but in increasing amounts the more rights and/or time and usage type. Generally less to licence than to create the work. I use stock image licencing as a a flat fee anywhere from 30 -150 per image depending on type, usage and time of licence. I even got one client who will be relicencing my work for their rpg book every 12 months if they keep using it. Residual income is essential, because making money as a freelancer and not hitting AAA or film is like surfing the poverty line.

This link helped me.

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I guess it's entirely up to your estimation. Just consider licencing factors such as:
-is it just a piece or rather an IP associated to it - by that I mean a character or another object you designed. Will you be able to use your idea in other of your future works? Or do you plan/want to?
- do you have to remove your work from your gallery for a period of time or indefinitely?

Basically you can go with your standard pricing or even lower (since the piece is already created and you won't have to work on it). Unless the client is willing to pay more of course.

Maybe it'd be just best to ask the client to name a price?

I'm sorry if my answer isn't very beneficial to you :)

Thanks for replying Piotr. Yeah you nailed some of the factors involved for sure. I know how to approach things now after lots of research. One thing though, I would NEVER leave it up to a client to name a price! We can negotiate but I feel it is more professional to know how to value my work beforehand.

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Yeah, you're right maybe letting the client name the price is not the best idea. Unless you really want to sell that work.

Sometimes companies have standarized prices for illustrations/concepts. If it's an idividual client, however, he will always try to lower the price.

Yep, for work for hire, most big companies will have standard rates, but I guess not so much if they are licencing work that is already done? I've never been asked about relicencing from a large company though, guess they would prefer to just commission new stuff and art direct it, especially for illustration of IP work.

Smaller budgets generally look to relicencing work, but I do try and charge separately for the commission and the licence for every contract no matter the budget. Again that residual income is good, and work-for-hire sucks balls!!

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thanks for the info guys! very informative thread :D


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