3 Month Portfolio Prep Stream
Hey guys, going to try to start streaming for the "3 Month Portfolio Prep" thread in the Partner/Group Dailies area of the forum.

The schedule is currently: (will be starting late today)
"I'm also going to start trying to stream to keep myself on track. I should get a stream up today and plan on shooting for 10:00am Monday-Wednesday, and around 1:00pm on Thursdays Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00). I probably won't be streaming Friday-Sunday but we'll see how it goes. Streaming schedule could change if my own schedule does, but I'll update you if that happens."

We'll see if I can keep it regular. Wish me luck.

added it to the http://livestreamstatuslist.appspot.com/

Man, that's an awesome and inspiring beginning! Keep up the great work, rock hard!

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