Growing Portfolio
I don't have much in the way of finished work, and a lot of it is pretty dated (translation: I am a lazy ass with little reason to create finished pieces). However, I am currently applying to WWU's art program, so the amount of recent works will probably grow pretty quickly.

Extra note: I know I have the most boring compositions in the world, so rather than tell me that, give me suggestions of how to fix it! :D

I'll try to resist making a million excuses for why certain characteristics are bad.

[Image: tumblr_lyotftrDhk1qfdfc5o1_500.png]

(Bad photography skills)
[Image: 757190ed2757d8a5551e33cd511854e8.jpg]

This one's dated.
[Image: 06233599130835fefbe5bf02afe98956.png]

[Image: 7576f35e109233856cb90b157113ec07.png]

And the rest are pretty old.
[Image: c03cf82afbbb541d8ed727836f75f7a8.png]

[Image: 1c716d646f69f2013ca3c1a36ab9ef57.png]

[Image: 57e6e2e2763916d338f650438cc8c63f.png]
New one, predictably someone sitting in a chair looking troubled
[Image: incroyable_by_dredsina-d4su4sz.jpg]
Amazing figure work, maybe some of the best I've seen on this forum. If you are worried about dull composition, try a variety of cinematic shots, rather than exclusively one and two shots. Try a down shot, up shot, wide shot, close up and an extreme close up. Maybe you'll find something.

On an unfortunate note, you'll want to punch me in the head or laugh at me, but please take this seriously. When I saw the gay christmas thing I was afraid of what was coming next. I know it's unprofessional and homophobic to point this out, but it's the 800 pound gorilla. Feng Zhu says never include objectionable in your portfolio. Because you don't know who is going to be looking at it and you don't want to make them uncomfortable. It's not necessarily going to be anybody qualified to judge art, sometimes it's a stupid Human resources person from corporate.


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