help needed guys/girls
Hi guys&girls,

i knew about CDs for couple months now but didnt have a change yet to post/ask here anything.

My situation is a little complicated as anyone elses :). im 34yr old now, have not a bad career in engineering. i have been doing art most of my life. in the last year or so i decided that the right path for me would be actually arts and decided to do something about it. i take classes and paint alot, progress is slow because i work full time and actually had a baby recently. can be frustrating at times but i do think i make progress.

i attached some of the work i've been doing for the past 2 months, couple studies and 2 original concept designs 1 creature 1 hard surface ship thingy.

i dont consider those to be portfolio pieces, but sort of a range of my current skills so far.

i dont want to be jobless so my plan is to improve my skills up to the point i can be employable in the games/film/arts field.
my biggest problem now is of course painting time, i simply dont have enough of it.
its pretty scray to go and finally quit my day job and try and make it, but i've been saving up and my plan now is probably quit my job in about 0.5-1yrs from now on and spend atleast 6 months on pure painting/portfolio so i can really have a go at it.

so my help needed here is basically tell me what you think of my current level, any tips or suggestions or experiences would be nice. 
its really hard for me to objectively evaluate my work so currently i mostly rely on likes/comments on sites like artstation / cgsociety/ level up/ and things like that.i figure i only live once so i decided im gona put all my eggs in 1 basket atleast once.

thanks a lot
Your current level looks just fine. These art pieces you posted, tell me very little, if anything about you, though. Like which field/area you are interested getting into. For now it should be focused on one area and later you can branch out into other areas.

Before I start, I want to say this is all just personal opinion on what I think you should do. If it's strictly work you are looking for, the first step would be to pinpoint what is you want to do for now. Concept art? Which type? Then find out which type of jobs there are and what they're looking for in that area of expertise. Then start building a portfolio with those things in mind. Make sure that when you're working on your portfolio, that you post it around the web and ask to get critiques. Build a site or a blog with your work and then start applying to any place you can regarding your field even if you know it will result in denial; ask them what you can do to make your portfolio better.

Those are just some things to consider, which for the most part you may already be aware of.

yes pretty much Dennis has said what should be said , but if you want more examples and tips on how to make a good portfolio check out this level up session where they review portfolios


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