Pax's Progress
I would like to look back in a year and see the progress I have made, which is why I started a sketchbook. If you have any advice to give me about my learning process or choices, I am glad to hear it. Do not be afraid to rip me apart in order to get your point across. If I decide to pursue art as a career I would like to attempt to get in to the animation program at Sheridan ( I know I have to work extremely hard in order to get to that point before January, but I believe that if I work hard and work smart I can make it.

Seriously, if any of you have any advice whatsoever please drop it so I can learn more efficiently. It's all greatly appreciated.

Today's day was a lazy one, as I had a family gathering to attend. Nevertheless I did get a solid 1.5 hours of practice and a half hour of theory (from which the practice was based on) on both the human figure (focus on studying the general form of the torso, regarding accurately simplifying) and a yet to be completed master study of a piece from the Sung Dynasty period of China. I used Proko's "Robo Bean" to attempt to simplify the torso. I think I have the general idea, but I need to spend more time and observe more accurately. I am having a hard time identifying the pelvis especially, and about three quarters through I realized that women have a smaller ribcage and wider set of hips. The uncompleted master study was a struggle but oh well. I had fun attempting to make it; the challenge was entertaining. 3rd day of beginning the immense study of the human form.
The work I've done over the past 3 days.
I've forgotten how difficult it is to be a beginner at something.
I think its good that you're practicing the mannequin, its a good way to practice.
I find the mastercopy to be quite good too.
My advice would be to also work on drawing simple objects from observation (stuff like an apple or a cube for example) I know that has helped me a lot to improve my observational skills and constructing objects from simple shapes.
Also it might be better to show the images in your posts since having to click a link might deter some people from looking at your works.
Anyways, keep going!
Thanks a bunch. Will incorporate daily study of simple objects from observation and master copies back into the routine. I've been struggling with humans for so long, I thought I'd take the two months of freedom I have and crack the code of human articulation that's haunted me since I started art. 
For some reason, attachments refuse to cooperate in a timely manner, so Imgur will have to do until I get around to figuring out the problem.
Work for today.
Dreaded the still life but I honestly enjoyed the process. Work for today.
Hey, Pax, you've got some good stuff so far! Just keep working and practicing every day like that and you'll start making leaps and bounds.

I would only say to consider posting your stuff in here using IMG tags. When you upload it to Imgur it should provide some links to the images which you can post that way. If you have any more questions I can try to help more

You have a great start here, keep going!

Work for today. First time doing facial studies not from either a master copy or from a skull; I used movie stills for the facial studies. Was kinda disappointed with the still life; I need to be slow and meticulous with charcoal. I felt like the gesture work was on point today.[Image: 0UDiWEB.jpg][Image: xIk5nFl.jpg][Image: dasP5Nq.jpg][Image: QQXNkJd.jpg][Image: 7l0D4O3.jpg][Image: uYC7tlO.jpg][Image: xNfvBmS.jpg][Image: yCFtsmm.jpg][Image: UfF5mK5.jpg]
[Image: x5WvM9u.jpg]
Lazy day. Work for today. Torso is getting better as understanding is gained, but major work needed still.[Image: puk8QLZ.jpg?1][Image: ZuHAtSy.jpg?1][Image: puk8QLZ.jpg?1]
[Image: Mc6znGT.jpg?1][Image: GGScbzY.jpg?1][url=][Image: QkdVBOn.jpg?1][url=][Image: 1TQDYEE.jpg?1][url=][Image: wvLoRDh.jpg?1][url=][Image: a2vpETr.jpg?1][/url][/url][/url][/url]
The Witcher has taken over my life. Hopefully I'll be done with it soon. I personally feel like I need to practice discipline and self control. I need to practice and then apply that practice in an engaging way, with feasible goals. Gonna start a 4h a day goal for art, similar to Crackedskull's. Focus on daily routine anatomical practice and study, understanding of form through construction, contour and accurate tone.[Image: 6DHjaX7.png][Image: gTCGp5H.png][url=][Image: 1COn0wa.png][url=][Image: gyMgoOl.jpg][url=][Image: QKX5CCO.jpg][url=][Image: cmoOi5T.jpg][url=][Image: CP9sQJU.jpg][url=][Image: qfTOmbU.jpg][url=][Image: Njwr8V9.jpg][url=][Image: bpwZ3au.jpg][url=][Image: tNmWzMd.jpg?1][url=][Image: d4I5BLS.jpg?1][url=][Image: 78vR9A1.jpg?1][url=][Image: hrkrGB9.jpg][url=][Image: HCj6mNL.jpg][url=][Image: paD0KOG.jpg][url=][Image: jId9Mzt.jpg][url=][Image: 7sfgM0F.jpg][url=][Image: UiPx31f.jpg?1][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][Image: uYiDLOh.png]
The digital work is all ctrlpaint worksheets.
Goal met. 4.5 h today, a lot more time spent on careful observation before the pencil is put down. The dragonflies were free and loose, whereas the leaf was done using a botched sight size method. Used comparative measuring for the still life, but I got lazy come to adding the values and I got frustrated with the ellipses. Major areas of focus are construction, working on the figure (by drawing first then checking with a skeleton model) and building a visual memory from which I can do ideation sketching with later. Need to do more master studies and pay way closer attention to value. Once I got a stronger understanding of value I'd like to move to more accurate drawing. Thinking of Bargue copies for those.
[Image: 9ynEfRc.jpg][Image: 2TO1AfZ.jpg][Image: cgeND1g.jpg][Image: 81Y65A3.jpg]
Those ctrl+paint studies looks nice, keep em coming! :)

Turns out I have to document all of my work for IB art, so I might as well start posting again.

[Image: 0AWtilQl.jpg?1][Image: 56vrKn0l.jpg?1][Image: fDGumnSl.jpg?1][Image: MpqVDcIl.jpg][Image: yFIgnv1l.jpg?1][Image: tifhc4Ol.jpg?2]

My learning process for portraiture so far is just to do a large quantity in order to practice likeness and experiment with structure in a timely manner, rather than agonizing over a few pieces. I also have a problem in which I'll do something better than my average and then be afraid to keep going. If anyone reading this has any advice or argument with my current learning process please bring it up.
Work for today. Started doing animal sketches to practice building forms out of simple objects and to loosen up. I think I need to work on my perspective more.

[Image: yq9X6EOl.jpg][Image: l6Iuw3Ol.jpg][Image: Zej8zG8l.jpg][Image: X8CLDlgl.jpg][Image: 5M2LvZjl.jpg][Image: EHXBUozl.jpg][Image: WgK1xjLl.jpg?1][Image: nmu5AbDl.jpg]
Nice render on those ctrl-paint exercises ! For your gesture, I would try to apply what you learn with the spine and pelvis studies. that way, you'll learn faster by applying your studies and will understand the anatomy better by seeing those simple shape turn in space. basically keep those shapes simple :)
Thanks for the advice, Raphael. Those are actually 2 months old, I've forgotten most of it. But when I do revisit anatomy I will definitely keep it in mind. Thank you for the feedback.

Work for today:
[Image: hqjogAvl.jpg][Image: oNw6MPql.jpg?1][Image: KqJvEcJl.jpg?1][Image: 46CBn82l.jpg?1][Image: FahZs0vl.jpg?1][Image: eojrLh6l.jpg?1][Image: lP4ru9xl.jpg?1][Image: a91YwHkl.jpg?1][Image: 20yNOoSl.jpg?1]

It's coming slowly but it's coming. I believe I should do some more skull studies and really push the understanding of the bone around the eye. Not too worried about other features as I haven't studied them at all. I need to think of things structurally as opposed to just looking for shapes.
[Image: iV98mSgl.jpg][Image: YIkeFIBl.jpg][Image: vwb5tTml.jpg][Image: Uoc3Rd4l.jpg][Image: XswLrzZl.jpg][Image: BFTRl3kl.jpg][Image: 5bJrnHHl.jpg][Image: hFn1Sm4l.jpg][Image: VbyaaF7l.jpg]
Overall I'm pretty satisfied with my progress with portraits. I think my biggest weakness overall is my accuracy, but I do not know how I would effectively practice this except drawing a lot. As such, I have chosen to focus on structure and form as my focus for the next few days. I definitely need to work on my perspective and applications of perspective for sure, so I need to incorporate perspective exercises and studies with a focus on perspective and structure in tandem.
Not really sure what I should be working on.
[Image: WEzPWzel.jpg][Image: dNletKJl.jpg][Image: jU2IJQvl.jpg?1][Image: ZvjndpHl.jpg][Image: 3tCH3lFl.jpg][Image: Op5JGTml.jpg][Image: Op5JGTml.jpg][Image: yP8Bp4Zl.jpg][Image: GFLSElCl.jpg][Image: rbjtZ10l.jpg][Image: 315hrQql.jpg][Image: ZtpFLbkl.jpg][Image: uoNsZWbl.jpg][Image: DxvRR88l.jpg][Image: JVhObpMl.jpg][Image: 09CL3NVl.jpg][Image: ef7YNORl.jpg][Image: W2P67zzl.jpg][Image: hUW9ePCl.jpg]
Right now I'm practicing the core of what Sheridan wants for their portfolio, almost as preparation. Critique strongly encouraged, guidance begging for.
[Image: t3ZY7mil.jpg][Image: S84jTRBl.jpg?1][Image: kidYBQGl.jpg?1][Image: Ppyeoo9l.jpg?1][Image: cNHeYKsl.jpg?1][Image: bkJdCYFl.jpg?1][Image: WxMgU5yl.jpg?1][Image: ln7gnzQl.jpg?1]
[Image: UD4fJOIl.jpg][Image: K3QUDn2l.jpg][Image: 33bUXEQl.jpg][Image: FYgzMIPl.jpg][Image: MJSjmmql.jpg][Image: H4bmaYJl.jpg]

Focusing on practicing  mannequinization of the model along with general practice.
great work. Your getting better. Keep it up!

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