First critique thingy
Two pics of some artwork i did, would love some instructions on handling textures and colors as i seem to not fully grasp that yet, especially textures.  And stuff about shading too probably. And backgrounds...oOk, there might be a lot wrong with my art. First one was a more serious attempt while the second one was a one day challenge. 
Also maybe a recommendation of literature, i haven't touched upon anything but Loomis ever. 

Will love critique givers forever

(art thingy 1)

(1 day challenge)
Got a good advice for you if you want to have feed back don't send people to a other site to see what you did. There a image insertion feature so that you can add the image directly into the post if you do know how to do it follow the intruction in the spoiler here

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
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Asking help is the key to growth.
thanks! updated per advice given
So, here's some long term advice when it comes to handling colours confidently: draw lots from life, shade/render what you're observing. Why? Because without a good understanding of values, your colours and painting will fall short. One cannot simply overlook values in order to paint, but one can overlook colours in order to paint. ^ ^

Book recommendations... Hmmmmmm.
A must: James Gurney's Color and Light.

Further reading: Robert Henri's The Art Spirit

Hope I've helped in some way, keep at it! ~


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