Lurch's Sketchbook
Thanks for the kinds words Raphael, it's nice to know you can see some improvement!

Slooow progress at the moment, spent a lot of time messing around with the environments thumbnails, trying stuff and binning it again.

Few more bits.

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Your hatching/ shading work is so beautiful!

Thanks for the kind words Punk-A-Cat.

A few more bits, been trying to work on environment stuff and perspective still, some inktober stuff, had a disaster with the hearse!

Perspective is still driving me mad, so been making quick sketches trying to visualise views and camera angles, stuff like that - stopped going for accuracy for these, just trying to work out what works and how to communicate stuff.

Learnt a lot from Amit's class so hopefully I can keep up with that.

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Wow. Beautiful, clean work, Lurch. You're an inspiration! Keep it up! Grin


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Wow thanks so much Bookend!

Been working on perspective again, kinda slow progress tho, perspective stuff takes me forever, trying to do more digital in the hope that I can try ideas out faster once I've got the hang of it!

playing with camera angles and stuff, trying to visualise views, damn it's so hard!

did a pumpkin for Inktober today, trying a different approach.

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Thanks Sketchosoph, that's great to hear, I really hope I can crack perspective.

So kind of a cheeky update because some of this I already posted, but I messed with the pumpkin just a tiny bit to see if it would pop with some basic colour in it, realised I should have turned it 3/4 instead of drawing head on.

Also did a couple more perspective thumbnails, although they're mostly lines, tried a different view of the room from yesterday and draw up a barn/shack thing.

Thought I'd post em all together because that was how I approached em.

Plus todays inktober, sticking with horror movie essentials, today I went for torches!

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I can see some solid studie action here. Good. Goood Keep practicing ;3

cool, thanks ramalooke.

More perspective stuff, messing about setting up grids in ps and then trying not to just draw on the grid - it's easy to let it dictate your shapes!

I know these are pretty liney, it was more about trying to take on more, rather than rendering etc.

Plus another spookey crypt for inktober, came out a little wonky looking!

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Wow, your work is so clean. You have a great sense of perspective and depth in them as well! You're only soaring to unimaginable heights! Grin


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Good job on that pumpkin for inktober! I like the dot shading style. One of my teachers at uni uses something similar. I like your use of perspective as well. Have you tried some more complex perspective shots like 3 point or even fisheye? :)

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Thanks for the encouragement Bookend!

Othrandir - thanks, I'd love to get the hand of that traditional sort of inking.

Funny you should mention 3 point, I'm sort of working on it now, but it's all pretty crude atm.

Been looking at this guys stuff a lot, he's got a really good grasp of perspective, uses 3 point loads;

Also been doing do draw overs to spot horizon lines and vanishing points so hopefully that will help too.

A few inktober drawings, a tonne of perspective drawovers, which I know are boring, but maybe someone else will see them and they might be useful.

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Great work Lurch! Love the style on those inks and your studies of perspective!
thanks dodeqaa!

been struggling for time a bit lately, just managing to keep up with inktober, and I need to go back and do week 3 of Amit's class, I wanted to keep up with that as it ran, but other stuff came up and got in the way.

A few more inktober bits, trying to push the perspective a bit and draw more details, push the lineart a bit further - I need to do some architectural studies baaaaad!

Did a messed up face, but I'm not really working on faces yet, so I don't feel too bad! haha.

The room ink went a bit wrong, totally messed up the firelight.

Worked over the spooky house in PS to try some more lighting work so I thought I'd post both.

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couple more inktober bits. still messing around with perspective stuff.

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Looking good lurch, the perspective study is really working out eh? Like how the truck turned out :) Thats a sweet shack, what urban horrors be lurkin within D:
thanks dodeqaa, yeah I think some of it's starting to stick now! I'm definitely starting to push it more than I was, been lovin the creepy inktober stuff.

Once inktobers done I've got some questions to prod away at, mostly involving stairs and ellipses! haha.

Few more inktober bits, tried some organic stuff, tried pumpkins without the ref this time.

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Couple of skulls for inktober.

Messed about with the zombie thing too, just wanted to try some stuff in PS and more graphic type of shading.

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Nice! The style is coming along nicely. You could try complementary backgrounds and see how you like them.
Hey Lurch, finally made some time to come and check out your sketchbook now inktober is finished. You say you struggle with perspective but it looks really solid to me, at least the more common 2 point / slight 3 point ones, they are really 3D, you should be happy with those! (the shack, the scooby doo van). With that one looking up the stairs at the mansion, if you can think of it more like drawing a simple 1 point perspective (but the house is lying on its back) it can be easier than trying to draw it as if you're looking up at it. With that extreme convergence you don't want a horizon line in the shot anyway.

Perhaps more the problem for you is not establishing the perspective, but fitting in all the objects, details, finishing touches and keeping it all consistent with the space you created but not looking stiff. I find that as things start to get smaller within a scene (like the paintings, mirror, candelsticks in your fireplace drawing) getting them to conform to the scene and stay bolted to the wall or whatever becomes harder and harder and such tiny errors become so noticeable! I talked all that as if I have a solution but I don't XD just gotta keep at it man! You're really killing it tho ^^

Good luck with the ellipses and whatnot. Are you studying Scott Robertson? Did you practice any section drawing yet? That stuff can really open things up and free your mind since you develop more control to change / sculpt things.

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Thanks dodeqaa, I messed around with the colours some more following your post and went for a more blue zombie, I actually liked it with a bright orange background but it was a bit too strong so I changed it for this yellow.

Thanks for the tip - I was really struggling to work out which colours might work.

Last couple of inktober drawings. Wanted a lot more from these but I just ran out of time now, I threw some layers over them in PS to knock them back a bit more, shoulda gone way darker with the inking and added a lot more detail and texture but hey.

Tried to stay with the horror movie theme but used the same base sketch for eerie redneck gas station, and more modern version.

Back to perspective studies now that inktober is done! Got stuff to work on!

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