Eyliana's sketches
Dope sketches!! really like the portrait

Thanks Miracoly!

More charcoal study of Zorn. And more watercolour landscapes. Slowly things are becoming more clean. The last one was from a YouTube tutorial, I like the style a lot so I want to try to use that more.

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Very cool sketchbook Eyliana!, I love those watercolors paintings, I tried getting in to it but I always make a mess, gotta practice more I guess :D

I recommend you to study a bit about the face proportions and design, I studied the Hamton book and It help so so much, it help you not only to draw my own suff from imagination but to draw more quickly from reference because it teaches you the design of the face (and body) and you don't rely on copy as is from a photo. Hope that makes sense and is helpful to you too.

keep up the great work!


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