Comodo's Sketchbook
Hi everyone!

Starting my sketchbook here, recent studies.

I'm almost healed from a tendinitis, so these days I go with more quick stuff, but I guess from next week I'll be able to start work on more complex studies for portfolio pieces.


[Image: 12265835_185862941757152_3394717263708481215_o.jpg]

[Image: 12227002_185010785175701_709970165615294...ca0ac08573]

[Image: 12244562_186320711711375_5271620981464308587_o.jpg]

[Image: 12239872_186304235046356_638639516356630...e=56E715DF]

[Image: 12247089_186078168402296_364603507969785...0b164dbf05]

Hey, welcome to the forums! Nice start :)

Hey Echo, thanks a lot!

Did a  hangout with some friends today, and this came out[Image: 12182808_186736375003142_3735223241062729729_o.jpg]

I started from a old sketch (really old, 2004-2005), I'm using some old sketches to practice rendering and save time drawing. Then, I started with grayscale.

[Image: 12241047_186720341671412_8796628821968113609_o.jpg]

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Hey, welcome to the forums! You've got some nice stuff so far, keep posting it!

Hey Zombie, thanks a lot! I will!

This one here I started last Thursday, it's still a wip, I hope I can finish tomorrow. It's one of my first images starting in bw to colors, so far I guess it's ok, but let me know if you guys see anything that could improve or it's not working.

This is another I started, but I'm not too excited to finish.

Hey guys,

I've been working on my first portfolio piece, finally done after a week, more or less. And a minor update on the cat's illustration, I need to finish it. It's been days with no technical studies, or sketchbook stuff, the portfolio image really got all my energy, and I believe it will be the general rule from now, at least until February (my deadline to launch my website) but I'll try to push myself more for random loose studies.

[Image: davi-comodo-guri-sub-final-art-station.jpg?1449193777]

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