Seáns sketchbook
Thanks to the encouragement of Xenzo, I've finally got off my ass and made a Sketchbook.
Pretty poor considering I signed up to the site in 2012!

I have a diploma in classical and computer animation that I got back in 2013, but hit a bit of a rough patch and ever since I've lacked the motivation to make/finish new art. As a result, my work has stagnated since then but I'm hoping I can begin to get the ball rolling again! 

Here are a few of my WIP pieces that I've worked on since college.

[Image: Jl7NhCC.png]

[Image: 1dLHXq3.png]

[Image: KTzDQkD.png]

[Image: 7m6xH7A.jpg]

[Image: 4Y8mwQN.png]

[Image: 3cfsZS6.png]

(this last one was just a spitpaint, but it's the only environment I really have D:)
[Image: IG5W7mp.png]

So as you can see, a lot of WIP...any suggestions as to which I should start working on first? Or should I just drop them all and start something fresh?
Welcome man , great work and look forward to seeing more!! :)


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