MadTitan's Sketchbook
Im Eric, (MadTitan), 21 year old artist from Massachusetts.
Self-taught artist, ex-Tattoo Artist of 3 Years focused in Neo-Traditional and Bio-mechanical/Organic.

Recently switched my focus into concept art in the game industry while holding a entry level job at a mobile games company. Have some awesome art friends there, recommended i check out the site and start a sketchbook.

Id like to focus in sci-fi/fantasy/cosmic horror Environments; over the last 5 months been teaching myself the basics using sites and references.
Got a starter tablet and been doing all my recent work with that.

I haven't done much with environments yet.
Id love to..just don't know where to start, I've done a lot of Draw-A-Box and starting Ctrl+Paint.

Any advice or pointers with how to study/practice/execute the beginning stages of environments would be a huge help.

Ill start off with a few recent/old pieces since I've started on my tablet.

Please any all advice/critique/pointers etc is welcome and encouraged, i only aim to learn and improve.

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After talking with a friend decided to pursue some master studies in grayscale (before approaching them in color)

So i suppose this is the start of a few weeks of master studies for me,

Currently just finished this one studying Albert Bierstadt.

First time ever doing something like this and watched Noah Bradely's Week 1 of Art Camp where he shows the studies.

A little upset with some proportions and i feel like i may have used 1 or 2 too many values.

Please any critiques or advice is welcome and encouraged, Thanks for looking!

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Currently still working on greyscale studies.

Just finished this one last night 1-2 hours of Ilya Nikolaevich Zankovsky.

Used a larger reference than what is attached, just couldn't post the original because of size.

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Welcome Eric! Nice studies dude! If you want to get into environments have a look at the Foundation Group by John Park. They have some really good introductory videos on environments, I'm doing them as well atm. Here is a link:

I'll definitely follow your sketchbook, keep it up!

Hey, thanks so much! I'll definitely be checking out that link sounds exactly what I'm looking for.

I also checked out your thread as well and love the stuff on there, definitely seem to have perspective practice down a lot more comfortably than i haha.

Thanks again!

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