Mayroo's Sketchbook
Hello there :)

I'm currently struggling (a lot) with anatomy and I absolutely hate it (don't judge me too harshly :p) so I figured it would be nice to have my butt kicked, hence this new sketchbook :)
And I'm trying to get some illustration-related jobs, so progress with perspective, composition, value and everything else wouldn't be bad either...
 I will try to fill this almost daily, and since I will only be posting new stuff, you can look here: if you are curious.

So here some gestures, some studies, and a wip of a thing I'm currently working :)

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day 2 :D yay

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You're doing great I think, really nice with the figures - even you don't like them.
Have you started doing paid Illustrations by now?

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Thanks :) Not yet, and i'm not sure i'm skilled enought a the moment ^^'

I've made a study of a face with the round  brush at 100% opacity, welllllll it was so hard, definitly need to make more.

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Hey :)
Some gestures/anatomy/stuffff  and a traditionnal painting i've finished yesterday.

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Hello there, that traditional painting is great, I get a really old school feel from it. The colours and textures kind of remind me a bit of the work of Becky Dreistadt. I'd love to see more of your traditional work!


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