Critique/paintover please.
critique/Paint overs please 
i did this for the brainstorm group facebook

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Hey. Just a quick paintover.

I quite liked the first one so a did.

Some piece of advice:
- think of composition in perspective, not just as flat planes of foreground middlegroud and background
- when you apply photos, use color balance or other filter to correct colors so they would match.
- some clouds and atmosphere here and there always looks cool :)

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This is mostly about the first image. Main thing that sticks out to me is edge control. Way too many hard edges on those silhouettes. Hard edges draw focus and so should be concentrated more in focal areas and addressed with intent. Google up the blog of Stapleton Kearns posts on Edges, or have a read through Alla Prima by Richard Schmid which has the best treatise on edges I have ever read.

Your photos need a bit more integration...again too much hard edge, noisy density stuff going on, which needs to be toned down a bit.

If you are looking for quick ways to integrate colour palettes, consider doing a colour balance pass over the whole image at the end which will shift all layers and help consolidate them. (It is better to do this as you go layer by layer especially if you will need to go back in and make changes, but it takes time). Also adding a noise layer on multiply, very low opacity will help create a uniform grain over all the photobashing.

In general, the shape of the mountain could probably be a bit more interesting, like the second image, which is pretty unique.

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thanks man 
i didn't really noticed what was wrong with the image. you saved me.
i will take care of these thing nxt time.


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