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Hello people :)

trying to decide which option to go for.
explored a bit for each:
1. House Negrea a lot of nature themes and fights with animals.
2. Modern Sandor and Arya.
3. cyber punk Sandor and Arya(I liked most).


will be ending up with 3 I guess.
Great. Lots and lots of trying out of ideas and playing with designs to get past the first obvious ones is a good thing to do. Looking forward to seeing more as this develops :)

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Beetle sigil is on point :). I like all your options really, but I gotta say I'm most curious what a present-day Arya/Sandor would look like. Cool stuff!

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I like all of your options. The last comp looks especially nice. And I'm Arya fan so would love to see how that develops.

That sigil of your first option looks really cool! Either way, all the options sound promising, but I personally would find the second one most interesting as well.

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I like the last two options a lot, especially the modern one (thinking about going with a modern redesign myself.)

Those sketches are very expressive! I'd say cyberpunk arya with the attitude of modern arya would be the best combination.

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wow thanks for all the feedback peeps :)
I went with cyberpunk finally, tho I think modern day is very interesting too I just like cyberpunk a little bit more :X
here's what I did today, meet punk Sandor!

1. I like very much, tho it's a bit too much and overdone everywhere?
2. A bit too young for mr.Sandor? :P
3. Very kingdom hearts after I've finished.
4. I liked most, A bit more mature design.

thanks for reading :)
Very good compositions on top, good luck.

update with more comps,
going for 6.

You've got some really good comps. As for design, try to find a right balance and maybe include something that would indicate similarities between both original and redesigned characters (the Hound had his special hound helmet for example).

@Piotr Yes I feel the design is a bit off too, trying to change the hounds chest piece into a dog head shape.
awesome stuff you got going on there Kazenodino, very nice comps, I like whats hapnin in three, will be interesting where you take this, keep pushing
Huh. I think you might be going too realistic. You're losing the energy and the expressiveness of your faces that your sketches have.

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@slash razor, Thankyou for your nice words :)
@Lodratio, Yes thankyou, I think I needa play the realistic down a bit!

does she look like arya? I have no idea lol
original colors:

full cyberpunk color:

awesome art style and design! i like both the original and cyberpunk colors, though maybe a mix between the two would be more interesting.

She does have the Arya feel. I like it. I think the frst one looks closer to the series design, but as Eddy said, you might mix it - for example keep the original colors but add one strand of cyan hair.

Firstly man, your drawings and sketches are ACE!
Secondly, I'm so happy you went the cyberpunk route --- ++respect, your designs are looking so interesting! Aaaahh! :D
Get it!

Went Taiwan for a week just got back to Hongkong today, honestly feeling lazy and want to give up, then I saw people actually liked my idea so atleast I'd like to get the idea out.

(background not mine is from my ref bladerunner.)

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