Eddy CC 1: GoT Game
cool man, keep going! :) Makes me want to see a fake screencap of this game in action :P

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That's a cool idea with the dragon scales looking like camo. I'm interested to see what pose you choose for the final product.
Amit Dutta: thanks dude! to be honest i dont know if i will have time, but i will definitely try doing one of those fake screenshots, if it werent because rigging and animating takes lots of time i could even put her in a real game, maybe i will try that for a future challenge... :D

Legion Brewer: thank you! sadly i think i will have to leave the model as it is, since the deadline is too close. Only thing left is maybe doing a fake videogame screenshot like Amit suggested. 

So here its, to be honest i i tried to make an illustration by painting over the 3d, then when i was half done i realized it didnt look very good... so i scrapped it and decided to present the model as it is. 

Only thing left is presentation, i will try doing something cooler in the few days left until the deadline but the model itself is finished. Even though i had to rush things and use tricks and some free models to speed up things working like this made me realize many things i need to improve so its great! glad i joined this challenge. :D

Here is the 3d viewer so you can see it from every angle, check the different map (normals, diffuse, speculartiy, etc...) 
and some screenshots.


You are going to ace the "design a miniature sculpture" challenge :P. Looks great. Let's see how you can push the presentation more for final. Perhaps some large stone blocks around her, or part of a bridge she is standing on.
Definitely needs a matching Jamie Lannister in chains figurine, or maybe her squire to complete the set :)

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This is so cool Eduardo! I loved playing around with the 3D model checking it out from different angles on art station, the shiny dragon scales was a nice touch to. Great work looking forward to see how you present it as final.

Gahh ! Why so OP man!
haha seriously, though , again I totally feel the MGS vibe and great job with the execution of it overall.
but yeah the only crit i could add is incorporating more GOT references would make this piece be phenomenal.
great job man!


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