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Okay, so my plan is to spend three days on research (done; Drogo, Hound, Daenerys, Baelish), four days on thumbs/concept art, and six days on studies/Final (which would leave two days for tweaking/feedback). I've been exploring a few ideas mainly with Khal Drogo. I Also did some concept of Drogo as an egyption but realized that Egyptians didn't actually have hair.. damn :/ It's hard to find a culture/era that fits with the character but I'll keep looking

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It's great you put so much into concept exploration!

As for egiptians - I believe they kept their hair, only priest shaved their heads IIRC. It's not visible on faraons since they wore those special crowns/hats.

But I might be wrong.

Whoa thats a lot of notes, great enthusiasm towards design.
Looking forvard to more.

Appreciate it guys!

Working on exploring House Negrea option now; again with the Egyptian influence.

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Keep exploring the designs, looking forward to more.

Biker Drogo/Deanarys. Hell yeah motha fucka

On to Costume Design and Finding elements to make viewer recognize as Drogo/Deanarys

(Also might go for Sci-fi Drogo)
You got some great things going!

For designs i would suggest linework, trying it myself its quite easier to design that way,thumbnails looking good so far.

@BrushNoir Thanks!
@Hobbitt Thank you, I'll try it out

Should I begin with the linework or is there problems with the thumb?

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I really like this idea of biker Drogo and Daenerys! Fits so well, could be so sweet. Push it man, push it!!!!!!

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Thanks Amit! :D

Render mode, woo. I made some progress on Drogo's face today, starting Deanarys tommorow..

also had a bit of fun and made the hound into a hound c:
Drogo as a biker is an awesome idea! It just fits so perfectly. I think you should work on a comp a little, though.

And that houd/arya made my day :D

You nailed the look!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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Like the others said, awesome idea! I think Daenaris is too hidden in that comp though, that's a hella sexy dude he could benefit from showing his lady off a bit more : )

I kinda imagine them like outlaws or something, Bonny and Clyde type thing, maybe a bag with a few bloody / burnt bills poking out of it and some guns / gunpowder marks on their hands!

Look forward to your progress : )

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Jyonny - Thanks for the crit man! The bonnie and clyde idea really got me rolling, and I made sure to show more of Deanarys.

Piotr - Thanks :) hah

John - Thanks!

Spent one more day going back and working on the comp.

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Started my studies last night; I know nothing about motercycles  Stupid

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Lovely comps. As for the one you've chosen (and I think it's the best one), I'd either expand the canvas just a little up or move the characters down just a bit down so his head was closer to the sweet spot (rule of thirds). Keep this up, you're doing great!

Edit: and it's good you're going outside of your comfort zone and study motocycles :)

@Piotr Thank you :)

Continued motorcycle studies

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studies studies

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Starting final lines; I think I have to move the motercycles around because they may be too close and clip with each other.

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