Game of thrones/Alchemy WIPZ
Hi Guys,I saw Alex share this challenge on his facebook and i was hyped:)I heard a lot about this forum from back in the day.I will post my wips here,even tough my image is almost done.
Here are some wip shots.:)

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Great stuff man, glad to see your work. Watch the tangent with his sleeve and the swords. It's definitely Jamie, but I wonder if you can push some other final details in to reiterate the GoT world somehow? Remember we need to see the studies you did towards this piece as well in the final post or it won't be judged! :)

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Your rendering skills are pretty scary. The one major issue I can see is that in the last wip you posted your perspective got warped.

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Thx for the feedback boys,ill post some of the studies when i finish the piece tomorrow
This looks awesome, great job!

Ill call it done,would love to work more on it but i have to go out:/ It was challenging and im sure it has many mistakes but i had to rush this,i only found out about this challenge 5 days ago.I also attached some color/value studies,that im not very proud of,kinda ashamed to show,but hey,gotta show the ugly stuff.Hope everyone had fun !Also,should i post my final in the final thread?

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Hey, welcome! You have a nice idea and very good rendering. I like the perspective in the intitial sketches better. I think the main issue it that the book shelf is just about 10-20 cm from the wall, that is barely a space for a shelf, yet for a man standing behind it. Maybe you should do some perspective sketches to figure things out. The swords on the banner are really small, I'm not sure if that was intended. I also wonder what is that white thing in the left. Jamie's artificial hand is a bit too small, especially the palm. Otherwise it's really good, probably one of the best rendered pieces so far.

When you feel you're ready, you can post the final in the final thread, but it's still a bit of time to fix some stuff (or you can post it and then edit the attachement if you make some changes).

Good luck!

ALright,i have another hour,ill rush everything i can and try to adjust some things,let me see,thx for the valuable stuff,ill try to push the shelf closer,so he has more space,and make the hand a bit bigger!:D

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