Zombie's CC2 WIPs
Okay, so I thought I'd make my thread for this. I wasn't too sure about entering, since this last month was a total disaster for myself and I didn't end up finishing my CC1 work. Buuut I figured, might as well get up, dust myself off, and try another shot at this thing.

I didn't watch the full 30 minute explanation video, but I did watch the shorter 11 minute one and I think I understand a lot of the lore and atmosphere of the game. I also think I'll end up watching the Game Grumps playthrough of this while I work.

Anyways, all I have right now is a mood board:

[Image: moodboard_zpsnhaqh037.png]

I think I'm gonna do the second prompt, of the pool of blood, but I'm not sure, I'll probably end up sketching out ideas for all three and see how it goes.

Coming next: thumbnails, sketches, and loose ideas! Stay tuned!

I believe the most important thing is to learn and gain experience so even if you don't finish, but put effort into it and learn, it's still valuable. So good luck!

Hey man, yeah what Piotr said!
So long as you do exactly what you said ("picking yourself up, dusting yourself off"), you've got this--!

Mood board lookin' good and omg I didn't know Game Grumps did a play through of Bloodborne, sweet ^ ^
It'll be cool to see where ya take option, go as hard ap!

Great ref gathering....looking forward to seeing how you apply them! You can do it!

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Thanks for the kind words, guys! I made some progress with doing some sketches, brainstorming, and thumbs. Character design thumbs are waaayy harder than I anticipated, ha. I also found myself struggling with figuring out what composition to do so I did some film grab studies.

[Image: thumbs_zpsxg4eoqjo.png]

[Image: char%20thumbs_zpst8va0bws.png]

[Image: comp%20studies_zps0kt4q0ew.png]

I've always been watching the Game Grumps play Bloodborne while I do this, and it's actually quite helpful. I'm leaning towards the corrupted priest prompt, especially after watching how badass the priest boss battle was. Too bad I'll never actually play this game, it seems pretty awesome.


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