Slashes Bloodborne CC2
hey guys been out of action last few day, still trying to get my head around bloodborne never played so new to the environment, will have to watch a few game play to get a feel for it, Im goin for the priest infested creature being discovered by town folk....

did a few thumbs and playing with creature designs, and what not, and what i did notice is my perspective/ camera shots are a bit stagnant compared to some on here, so i will be definitely be looking to improve on that, also my creatures are a bit stock standard need to really push those in the next few days...

also going to try for eyeless cause i remember someone on FB saying creatures with no eyes are pretty scary and i tend to agree.

Eyeless creatures can be scary indeed. You could check dark souls aswell, it's the same genre and style. Maybe you can find some more inspiration for creatures there too, I know I have ^^. Keep it coming!

hey guys... thanks BrushNoir darksouls has been a huge help...

still playing around with creature head design, getting ideas, looking at other artist techniques, doing studies and so on, but cant seem to get that look im looking for... not scary enough yet, will keep pushing...

also thought I would do some studies to improve my arms, might keep that up and work on legs and hands next few days...

C&C always welcome...

At this stage just keep exploring designs make sure silhouette looks good!

Great sketches dude...keep it up, you'll settle on something with exploration :)

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Ahh... the stuff nightmares are made off.. That's a good variety of head designs! Don't forget to dress it with tattered clothes!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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#7 he has some nice eerie style, really cool and has a youtube channel you can check out.

the no eyes thing is really creeping me out man, great sketching.
Im slowly getting a picture in my mind that could work, considering my thumbs/ comps have been very disappointing....

I been doing a few studies of anorexic girls and guys, as Im looking for that boney look and its quite sad to see them get to that state... but you can clearly see the bone landmarks showing through and what little skin and muscle hanging on, very helpful for my creature...

thanks guys for the comments...
haha yeah John can see they like there tattered clothes look, ill keep that in mind.
thanks BrushNoir very creepy, just the type of look im going for, will definitely have a closer look later...

Love the spine on that creature.
howdy guys... I think Ive got my centre piece to my painting, need to work on some villagers discovering the priest creature, still need heaps more refining and shit, but Im happy at this stage....

a few things I need to work on for the next week...
- Creature hands/claws, need to do studies on animal claws/paws to see what the hells going on
- Gothic architecture/ cathedrals/ church props etc for backdrop
- Colour palette and lighting which might be tricky with the candles

hey all... ok I been fart assing around with this piece, last few days with no clear direction...

I tried a different approach (Ambient occlusion) which started of ok, but then I got caught up in the whole mechanics of it all, which took me ages, No days and took me away from the whole ground work, planning, design and then the rendering/painting of it.... I ended up looking at it to much in a 3D mindset... but TBH I just didnt have the skills to pull it off... so back to basics 101 lol I ended up just going back to painting...

and on top of that, I went and had another look at some bloodborne creatures and Im way of the mark, my creatures starting to look like Alien hahaha with no indication he was once a priest at all haha oh well, such is life, learn from your mistakes...

anyway got a week to try and fix things up... C & C the Bloodborne Hell out of it...


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