chubbycat's sketchbook!
Thanks for visiting my sketchbook! I think your project is looking really really good! Your lines are amazingly confident and crisp, and I really like all the time and effort you put into all your work and research. It's great for example how much effort you put into designing all those skateboards.

Don't really have much to add except keep up the good work! Looking forward to see what you bring us in the future! :)

@Zorrentos Thank you for the kind words!! Really appreciate them - they are very encouraging :) Researching is half the fun of it tbh haha, although I know I don't get everything 100% 80's accurate. But how can you complain when research is literally just watching old skating comp videos lmao

His character design has come along way since the first round of thumbs; definitely feeling more 80's. I think it's going to feel even more 80's when I start experimenting with colour thumbnails

[Image: 9d7b4f446619c21201138360f48395a5483ee634.jpg]

Sketchbook // Insta = @razorfloyd 

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