chubbycat's sketchbook!
Hello everyone!

I have finally found some time to create my very own sketchbook here :) 

My Goals 
My main goal is to become a Character Concept Artist, but I also
want to be proficient in environments and full rendered illustrations.
As well as working towards becoming a concept artist, I would love
to create my own comic/visual novel on the side.

This week my goal is to focus on adding texture and volume to my sketches. I had a lot of fun with these, so brace yourself for more animal studies

[Image: tumblr_o5vtf1hoHo1vp7i5vo1_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_o5vtf1hoHo1vp7i5vo2_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_o5vtf1hoHo1vp7i5vo3_500.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_o5vtf1hoHo1vp7i5vo4_500.jpg]

wow nice lines! Would love to see more.

nice line weight

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.
Thanks darktiste and BrushNoir! I've previously been told that my lines are very flat, so I am happy to hear that they are improving. 

More animal sketches from tonight. I feel like I lost it a bit with the leopard.. I need to stop overthinking details. And I think the frog needs a bit more contrast...

Tomorrow I want to attempt more of these sketches, but from imagination. Drawing from imagination is a very big weak point of mine, so it's something I'm trying to force myself to do regularly. 

[Image: tumblr_o5vtf1hoHo1vp7i5vo1_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_o5vtf1hoHo1vp7i5vo4_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_o5vtf1hoHo1vp7i5vo2_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_o5vtf1hoHo1vp7i5vo3_500.jpg]

Some more studies from the past two days.

I wanted to start focusing on individual animal studies, so for today, I chose to study rabbits! I'm quite happy with these and pleased with myself as I have FINALLY gotten into the habit of flipping my canvas every once in a while. 

[Image: tumblr_o6c9yk1nuX1vp7i5vo1_r1_1280.jpg]

I've also started working on simple shading techniques. I have only done something like this once or twice before, so it's completely new territory for me. I'm really not happy with how this study turned out, but I am forcing myself to post it in order for it to motivate me into improving. 

[Image: tumblr_o6c9yk1nuX1vp7i5vo2_1280.jpg]

Some more shading practice..

Any tutorial suggestions would be very welcome. Though with this kinda thing, I think it more or less comes down to practice making perfect!

[Image: tumblr_o6hh4c3jON1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

More basic shading studies from today

[Image: tumblr_o6jwvoiCT51vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Hi! Great to see another animal lover here! And I also like lineart, but currenttly I'm trying to paint in a more realistic style, without lines. 
As for tutorial suggestions, you could try @Amit's free environment course, it's here on Daggers  and on this website , it helped me a lot (though I haven't finished my final yet). The course is over but Amit still comments on the thread. Judging by your environment sketches, it wuld be very benefitial for you!
If you tell more about your art goals, perhaps I or other CD members might recommend some other resources.

Hi neopatogen! Thanks for posting in my sketchbook :)
I salute you... painting without lines is very hard to do and something I am yet to fully try. Thank you for the tutorial suggestion! It looks very similar to what I am doing so it would be a great help.

Oh, I can't believe I forgot to say my art goals in my first post. Thanks for pointing that out. I've edited it now so everyone can see. I think my goal is like most on here - concept art with an ability to produce illustrations as well. I want characters to be my focus, but learning environments would be great too.

Haven't posted in a while but I have been keeping up with my studies. Here are some male face studies. I find male faces extremely difficult so I tried making it fun for myself by taking more of a sketchy character design/concept approach. 

[Image: tumblr_o8au7pqCW51vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Some studies from yesterday and today. Worked on some female faces and black and white thumbnails.

[Image: tumblr_o8eegkAyAn1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_o8ejjtwEp51vp7i5vo1_540.jpg]

Some quick master studies from this weekend. Only used 3 values for them/
[Image: tumblr_o9etqf5Eo81vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Been pushing myself to do coloured master studies. They are quite fun but are taking me a hell of a lot longer than they should be. This is mainly because eyeing the colour and values are taking me forever to get the hang of. I think I'll start limiting myself to an hour per study and then keep trying to drop it down, as well as try find a few good books addressing colour and values.

[Image: tumblr_o9s1zzsSd61vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Some new face studies. 

From Reference:
[Image: tumblr_o9w46kTAVH1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

From Imagination (done afterwards):
[Image: tumblr_o9w46kTAVH1vp7i5vo2_1280.jpg]

Great that you've done sketches from imagination after your study! It helps a lot! 
Do you use some construction methods for your heads? Like, Loomis approach or smth else?

As for the color, James Gurney's book seems to be most popular resource as far as I know. 
You're also welcome to join the Notan study group to practice value studies. 
@Amit also recommended Muddycolors posts on value

Thanks for the reply neopatogen! It is always nice to hear from you :)

Yes, I use the Loomis method and I've previously used Proko's youtube videos as a guide as well.

James Gurney is by far the most popular, it seems. I might have to invest in his book unless there is a pdf copy out there already.

Thank you! I'll have a look into joining this week. And thank you for all the source material. I can't wait to read over them and start practicing.

It's been a while since I have posted here, but I am now back and ready to revive this sketchbook. I never went anywhere truly... I still studied religiously but failed to actually post any studies online. Anyway, onto the good stuff! Last month I have decided I will be attending the GDC in 2017, so before February next year, I need to have a killer portfolio and online presence. To reach this massive milestone, I'm going to break down my goals for each month. This month goals are...

- Learn something new each day
- Create a speed paint (or sketch) from imagination each day. I need to stop relying so heavily on references
- Finish Andrew Loomis' Figure Drawing book, along with Michael Hampton Figure Drawing
- Create proper illustrations; fully rendered and going through and getting comfortable with the pipeline.
- Create my very first pieces of concept art (this will probably not occur until around mid to end Sept)
- Excerise at least three times a week
- Become more active on art forums
- Post to instagram more frequently
- Cut down my hours at my part-time job, stop taking additional shifts, and make art my 8-6 job everyday I possibly can

I think these goals are achievable. I just have to continue what I am doing and putting every free hour into art that I can.

Just a quick update on some of my recent works.

Rendering has never been an easy thing for me to grasp, especially because like most starting artists, I get caught up in the idea of having to make everything look 'perfect'. Because of this, painting has become something I am very slow in completing. To combat this, I have given myself a new challenge and that is to do a 30min speed painting each day. With these speed paintings, my main objects are; increase my general speed, learn more about colours and shadow colours, and lastly, experiment with different brushes. Since composition is something I aim not aiming for, I am pulling images from movie screenshots. If anyone is interested in where these shots are from, I'm using this site:

The images on the right are what I have been able to achieve in 30 minutes.
[Image: tumblr_odhocxcxWJ1vp7i5vo2_540.jpg]

I've also been playing around with doing some fanart recently; mainly so, once again, I can focus on drawing and rendering. Here are my sketches so far. I intend to colour them both fully. 

[Image: tumblr_odhp3fVKJd1vp7i5vo2_500.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_odhp3fVKJd1vp7i5vo1_500.jpg]

Daily speedpaints have been going... slowly. I'm still too caught up in details and need to focus more on being able to communicate information through several brushstrokes. My values and colours in general are a bit off, so that is something else I need to address in the next batch of studies.

[Image: tumblr_odyhp6NI601vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

On a more positive note, I finally finished rendering my portrait of Marina. The overall experience was quite fun and I enjoyed exploring a new rendering style that I haven't really attempted before. I'm onto my next portrait study now and have a base sketch to work with.

[Image: tumblr_odyhp6NI601vp7i5vo2_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_odyhp6NI601vp7i5vo3_1280.jpg]

Finished my portrait study of Kaya Scodelario. Used a different technique for this piece. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I need to be more adventurous with my backgrounds though. Maybe something I'll look into more in my next portrait piece... 

[Image: tumblr_oeac8znpPG1vp7i5vo1_500.jpg]


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