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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and excited to join this challenge! I've never done anything like this before so I'm pumped to get my hands dirty! I've not done much else than drawing people in cafes and so on or drawing faces from imagination but since I want to take drawing a bit more seriously I wanted to give this a try!

Tried to put down the initial story by doing the following rough sketch, none of the panel ideas are final but the main story is.

It's about a young girl hunting a big fierce dragon! She's onto him and knows he's near... Nose in the wind to catch his horrible stench she follows his tracks when finally she spots him and prepares to give him a strong slash to the neck with her razor-sharp blade! But BAMMMMMMMMMSSSSSS, the dragon smashes his tail onto the hilt of the sword throwing it out of her hands All seems lost as the dragon approaches to attack her. She sees no other way, finally the girl frenzies to the dragon, grabs his thick skin between her fingers and pinches as hard as she can causing tears to leave the dragon's eyes... The dragon can't do anything else but succumb to the pain. In the final panel we see this was all in the girl's imagination and the fierce dragon she was fighting was her dad in a dragon's costume on Halloween.

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Welcome to the forum! It's a really sweet story, I like it a lot! Reading your description it seemed like a lot to fit in one page, but from the rough it looks like it's ok. I think making the dragon hunter girl and the young girl clearly the same person is crucial in this (like some kind of hair accessory or something that's quickly noticable). Good luck! Looking forward to see more.

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Welcome glad you are on board! Nice, a very Bill Waterson style story setup :) Always loved those.
Good luck with it! Make sure to spend a good amount of time with your panel layout to make sure it flows well and serves the story!

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Welcome and good luck! :)


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