Zorrentos CC4 - Average Dragons.
Time to work hard and produce a decent comic page!  Thumbs_up

Heres some design work I made for my main character, I think im gonna go for the one on the left with the hood: 

[Image: IU3msyr.jpg]

The studies I made for this character: 

[Image: 1ssvRdv.jpg]

Please come back tomorrow for my design of the other character as well as the WIP page itself!  Confident, glad

Cool sketches and concepts :) Looking forward to more

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Really cool concepts and great face expressions :)

Thanks guys.

Heres some more sketches for the second character and the dragon: Tongue  

[Image: p5em6Z4.jpg]

[Image: RoZDbor.jpg]

Just working on the comic ... Havnt really decided placement for the panels or the font or anything.

[Image: uRHgKWv.jpg]

Pushing to complete it! I wanted some color, but lets get the lines done first. 

[Image: qkN2tmB.jpg]

Hi Zorrentos,

The 4th panel where the monster breaks the panel borders seem to disrupt the page flow. It looks like the claws suggest to skip the 5th panel and go towards the 6th. Not quite sure about this.

If I may suggest, break the panel from the 4th going to the 5th by drawing in the claw. Or probably add a dialogue that goes through between them!

But maybe it's just me! All in all, looks like it's shaping up real nice!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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yo! I missed a few updates, starts to look awesome now! she 's a real bitchy princess, love it X)

John's advice is good, but I think it would work either way since the speech bubbles will steer a lot of the flow. It's nice to have some kind of big breakout of the panels somewhere, especially with a big thing like a dragon!

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Thank you so much for the crits guys, I changes the page a bit and continued to work on it. Not 100% sure still about the dragons claws, maybe ill sleep on it and try the idea again tomorrow.

Here is the page in its current stage: The lineart is almost 100% done, so now im gonna try and slap some quick colors on it before the deadline runs out :)

[Image: EHGWZd6.jpg]

Love the story, and the execution. I don't have a preference one way or the other with the breakout...except to say I like breakout panels if used well. Nice one mate keen to see it done! *EDIT and what BadWoolf said below about the text. You can afford to enbiggen the text...might even help filling some of the negative space in your panels.

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This looks awesome! The story and execution are great. I kinda wonder if the text size is a little small - you'll probably have anyone of a certain age whipping out the reading glasses and/or magnifying glass, but for the rest of us, I guess it's all good! Great great stuff and I'm excited to see it coloured if you get round to that.

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Thank you so much! I managed to slap some colors on it today:

[Image: V8X5swz.jpg]

Going to sleep now, maybe ill do some tweaking early tomorrow before deadline.


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