CC4: Average Dragons kinda
I was debating whether to join in or not but y'all doing such cool work I couldn't resist. I also really like the challenge of trying to get a narrative done in one page.

See you tomorrow with updates.
Character design. Comic will follow later.

Grumpy Cat Dragon! Yes! Sure do hope you make it in time!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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These sketches look pretty cool! Good luck!

Loving these characters, they look so unique and well drawn. Look forward to seeing what kind of narrative you have in mind.

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@John: I did but I didn't just start yesterday. I just made the thread.
@Piot Jasielski: Thanks a bunch :D
@BadWoolf: Thank you so much :)

Alrighty. Here is some WIP stuff. Finished piece is in the finished thread. Sorry for the horrible quality of the photos.

Love it! Get it done!!

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@Amit: Already did and posted it in the finals thread!

but I guess I post it here as well.

Great job man! Impressive to see that you finished it so quick! :)

I really like this one, it's a simple page but tells a lot. Great work man. Lots of nice concepts too.

I really love this one too! A short moment in their lives that can speak volumes in the mind of the reader. Great work!

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