Portfolio help - Diptychon
Hello guys!
Well, I desperately want to get into an University to study graphic design. And for that i need a stunning portfolio. So please, help me!
(also take a look at my sketchbook, there are other works)

But now, critique. i have that idea for a Diptychon with the themes Moon - Sun or the like.
I want it to be absoluetly bombastic. composition, colors, poses. everything. So far I am not succeedin -_-

[Image: diptych_by_saraiza-d4vx5dc.jpg]

the birds look still a bit strange. Also, i find it hard to create an opposite to the phoenix. any ideas?
the background for the phonix piece should be a night scene, with rays of light in the back. for the "raven" piece a fire inferno. I hope the contrast adds to the composition.

Now, lets hear your suggestions! And please, don't hold back. if its total shit, I need to learn it now or never.

Do you have a topic for your portfolio? This might be important for helping with this =)

If you turn this image into greyscale, you'll notice it's lacking a little contrast. I would try making the night scene darker and the bird/girl brighter, while making the day scene brighter and the girl/raven darker. This will help them pop.

It's confusing me slightly why you'd want these sorts of images in a portfolio for graphic design? But if that's what they want I'd say try to think more graphically, maybe introduce some shapes and gradients to give it more of a design feel.
Marko's comic covers popped into my head as good examples of this http://www.google.co.uk/search?client=sa...8QOa87GkCw

Throwing in some spirals or something to echo the phoenix's feathers, or some sharper shapes to go with the raven could work.
I finally came to the same conclusion as danlambert, things like this are not wanted in a design portfolio so i stopped working on it.
Maybe I'll work on this more when I find the time again.

But nevertheless thanks for the feedback:)

(this thread could be closed or deleted, but I have no idea how to do so -_-)


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