Last time, on SWORD……..
Chopz roared a command and waved a greasy hand, signaling his cronies to charge the three human invaders. Everyone clashed together, joining in battle and steel and people screamed alike. Aguy and his team cut through them all like a carving knife through glazed ham. The battle was short, but fierce. The pigs tried to run, however Marrel Lin put a stop to that notion with an invisible force field.
Aguy and his company were tired. So tired. Where was Snow? Was his princess yet in another castle? He wouldn’t let the desperation show. He wiped blood that had been running from his nose and spat on the floor. He glared at the pigs, now sniveling against the wall, cornered. “Give us the hairband, and we’ll look elsewhere for bacon to go with our egg.”
Deaf to reason, Chopz roared in defiance and charged. Before Aguy could even step backward, Lox had cut the porcine bastard down in three deft strokes. He sank to his knees, candy tumbling from his belly, and fell forward onto his face, dead. Aguy made a mental note to himself never to piss her off.
His brothers, Bakin and Hamm, were more tractable, and immediately surrendered.
“Yer lookin’ fer, this, eh?”, Said Bakin, and he opened a panel on a nearby desk and pressed a few buttons. A heavy brick wall off to the side groaned and began to part. Blue light poured out of the growing crevice as a marble plinth slid forward, with what appeared to be a delicate metal circlet suspended over it, pulsating with power. This was the hairband that belonged to Rapunzel, they were told by the two surviving pigs. They decided to return it to her, in hopes of getting more clues to find Snow. Time was running out. They grabbed it and ran, heading for Rapunzel’s tower beyond Swineville.

Rapunzel is a willowy, pale young woman with tons of hair made of golden strands. Her hair can be synthetic or it can be thick dreadlocks or something wild. The Circlet/Hairband she wears activates her hair and turns it into a writhing mass of tentacle-like appendages that ostensibly become an “extension” of herself. She is beautiful and terrible, and locked up in a tower for her own safety and the safety of others. She can be in stasis or confined in a room. She’s dangerous and unstable, going from sweet to frightening in mad swings. She means well, though.

* NO photo textures or photo bashing. Everything on your piece must be hand painted. * 3D is permitted but pre made models cannot be used. * Canvas size must be 9” width X 12” height. * Your image must have the words “Draw or Die” and “Ascension” somewhere on the piece. This is only for the challenge, so make sure the lettering is on a separate layer so you can use the piece for your personal portfolio. SWORD will continue as a storyline for the next 12 months. A book will be Kickstarted in an attempt to publish as many aspiring and professional artists as possible.

You must be a member of Draw or Die and finish at least 9 of the 12 challenges throughout the year. Your skill doesn’t matter, what matters is your will to improve and reach new heights in your art. The purpose of this book is to publish the rising stars... The hard chargers. The future of the art industry. This is a year to remember. The year... of Draw or Die


“The fuck do you mean he’s dead Jek?” my brother Jek is never specific. “He’s dead, someone took him out. Grab your weapon and alert the rest of the guards, we need to lock this place down. NOW!”I have never seen fear in my brother’s eyes. Not until today. Jek tends to forget that I’m just a janitor and that I have absolutely no weapons. So I grab my trusty old broom and alert the guards. I just got the shit killed out of me by the guards. I should have just phoned them. Thanks Jek. I can see a puddle of blood coming out of my left eye. That’s from when the guards ever so gently asked me to “Kiss the ground.” It’s standard procedure. Unless you were a guard or one of the King’s Knights, you were now a suspect. It’s amazing how fast this giant fortress can get secured and locked down. My phone is ringing. I’m sure it’s Snow. Sigh. I miss her. We were supposed to go to the Joust tonight… instead I’m here, on the floor, with half a concussion. It’s her birthday, and I’m here at work. This was the day the king died.
The 13th King has died and the prophecies are all coming true. Darkness is encroaching, and the people of Yensid whisper in fear. Legend says the dark dwellers would once again walk among men on the death of the 13th king. But there’s a catch… the prophecy says there will be a hero… a hero who will rise from the ashes. The man who was able to remove “The Gauntlet” from Armaris’ Statue would be the one destined to save the world. Armaris was the greatest warrior to ever live. His statue stands tall in front of the king’s castle. It’s as big and intimidating as you can imagine. Out of desperation, the entire land of Yesnid demanded every man, woman and child to try their hand at removing the Gauntlet. Aguy was approached by the crazy old Wizard; Marrel Lin. He promised Aguy to get him tickets to the upcoming Joust battle. Tickets were extremely hard to come by, especially for this particular battle, the friggin’ 3 Hogs were fighting the Mad Wolf! He just couldn’t say no. To everyone’s surprise, Aguy, the castle’s janitor was now standing before them holding the Gauntlet and Sword as their new King. He was able to remove it from Armaris’ hand. It was all over the internet and newspapers. It went viral. Marrel Lin the Wizard offered our hero some lessons in magic so he could better prepare himself for his quest to come. Aguy must now travel through the 6 Kingdoms, the dark forest and the Big A.S.S Wall in order to close the Dark Gates. The gauntlet holds the power to do so. He must be prepared for everything. Marrel Lin is the greatest mentor Aguy could have stumbled upon. They were now inseparable. Num Num, Aguy’s best friend and talking pet Panda is training alongside our heroes. Num Num is the cutest of things but don’t let his cuteness and love for cupcakes fool you, he is more than capable of kicking some serious ass. On to his training!***Aguy is finally finished with his training! It has been a grueling two hours… And Aguy is now ready to take on the world. But something has happened. “It’s Snow! The seven evil dwarfs have taken her captive. And God knows what those twisted, dirty little bastards are doing to her. We must go save her!”

Yensid is a fantastic world full of green sceneries and tall floating Castles. We have a touch of futuristic technology mixed with medieval qualities. You may push and pull the amount of tech versus fantasy as you like.

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Hey guys i apologize for not posting this sooner in here.

i've been asking for admins in the Draw or Die group and i just thought maybe one of them can be the liaison between DoD and this forum, so there's a constant update.

If you are interested in being an admin for Draw or Die please contact me through a message here or on Facebook.

This month Carmen Sinek will be judging and we're having Mike Acevedo judge the following month.

Please post any questions you have!

I've seen a good number of daggers already in DoD, but if you haven't yet, feel free to check it out and come hang with us, we're all one and the same. :)

We might have close to 20k members but it's a tight knight group. <3

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