CC06 : Pumpkin and Bat
10 or so days left, let's see what we can do with it. I had a lot of trouble picking two, trying to find ideas that sync together well and made sense, but eventually settled for pumpkin humanoid and bat creature (just for that sick pleasure of hearing screams part). Will dedicate part of today to coming up with some designs for both.


My main idea is having this mercenary/merchant-roaming type character carrying a hidden threat.

Nice to see you in the challenge, really like your sketchbook so looking forward to see what you'll do.

@Slapper: Going to be a busy and rough week. Can't wait.

Traditional for a change and some referenced studies. Trying really hard not to just make it a "bigger bat," but I think it's progressing to a snake fairy with big ears and giant webbed hands.

Need to figure out how the body of the pumpkin man is going to work out, whether I want to use a human one or not, and what kind of build. 

cool stuff :) Your bats are sooo cute! Creepy and dark, doesn't mean it can't also be cute (I think). Looking forward to the development of the idea.

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Hey, I'm glad you decided to join!

I'm really looking forward to seeing your finished piece, your style and ideas are great and not of a type we usually have in here.

Good luck!

those are some killer studies, man.

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Ah, looking really good so far! :D

I'm already a big fan of the design and overall themes you're developing. Stylin'.

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Appreciate the responses :u

Little more progress.

I love your value comps, seems like you have a really good grasp on using eerie moonlight to convey that halloween mood. Everything's looking strong so far.

Those sillouettes are great! Looking forward to seeing more of your process.

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You've an impressive skillset already, I'm keen to see what your more polished work looks like - I'll be waiting for it in the finals!


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Crashed for a day or two, but back on track with some additional portrait oriented thumbnails, something I don't do often.

Very nice looking work, looking forward to seeing the finished one!


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