CC06: Witch and Pumpkin-spider
So here are some characters and ideas I have so far for the challenge. I was thinking about something cute like a young witch girl and her pet which in the end turned out to be a pumpkin spider hybrid. (so far it's not looking very cute.. it's more on the creepy side :D) 
I'm trying to work with strong shapes in this piece. I hope it turns out well...

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Hey, that's actually a really good idea merging the spider with the pumpkin. Making hybrids can be overly complicated so sometimes it's best to pick what best resembles each other in shape/form.

Right now it makes me think of the varieties of horned spiders that are brightly patterned.

Hope you get it to the final!


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Hey welcome to the forums and the challenge :)

I really like your idea. I'm looking forward to your final.

Maybe consider if there's a certain element that ties the two closer together, like a pattern or a cute bow-tie or something. Looking good so far!
Thank you all for the nice comments and I'm happy you like the idea!
I'll do my best to complete it soon. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your finished work as well.
I'm not sure about a lot of the details even though I did some designs. A lot of them change as I render but I'll definitely keep the Spider-Pumpkin until the end.
As for an element to bind them together... I hadn't thought about this so thank you for bringing it up. I'll think of something ^^
Welcome to Crimson Daggers Linay :).

I also like your spider pumpkin idea and that you're taking the cute angle on Halloween.

Looking forward to seeing more - good luck :).

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