Comic Book Cover
The client has said he wants the character flying out of water leaving a trail behind him, water must be on fire.

The pose and perspective is what he has requested, so i can't change it.

[Image: covercopyn.jpg]

I'm having trouble with making the image look interesting, I've no idea how to fill that space in the top left. As it is now I hate it, I'm finding it really difficult to make it look cool with all these restrictions so struggling to find motivation for it, so any help would be great.



got feedback off some friends. Don't think i have enough time to fix/add anything else too it.

This picture is hurting in many areas. Some of it will be difficult to explain.

The water and fire needs much less detail due to atmospheric distortion. The trail of water leading up to the character needs to get gone.

The sun doesn't wrap around the sky. Why would you do that?

I don't know why his suit is furry, but I'll accept it. I'm going to stretch my imagination and say it's sea lion fur. Find a point of focus and ref wet sea lion fur intensively for that area and obscure the rest. The motion track should not be furry. You'll have to use motion blur on the figure as it goes into the distance.

The pose is a little stiff. You need to put his body and emotion into the action. It might be a little late this time around. Just keep that in mind next time around.

not sure if you are out of time on this or not, but i did a quick paintover in hopes of helping. if you are out of time, maybe this will give you some ideas or things to think about for future stuff. with the waves think about a fighter jet flying just above the surface of the water. anywho, i hope this helps in some way. [Image: 28amfc6.jpg]

Holy Hell that's great! Thanks both for the feedback, unfortunately i had to give him what i had, he seems happy with it and i got paid so all's well that ends well!
That paintover is fantastic though, guess i was just bored of mine and wanted to be rid of it. Your's does help a lot though.



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