CC 7 Big vs Small
Messed around with some photos trying to find some ideas and compositions , I like the big vs small theme so I will probably go with that :)  

[Image: IlgHYVC.jpg]

[Image: n0RBKZk.jpg]

[Image: opEA1UI.jpg]
[Image: j1U2qy9.jpg]
[Image: LobRWyn.jpg]

nice start Leonard! Definitely keep trying to think about and push narrative as well.

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yes definitly :)

i made this concept of the explorers that search for crystals and other resources in
an area where these giants live and rule..

[Image: jCI4tEH.jpg]

study :)
[Image: yTu850Q.jpg]

[Image: 1cK6t3v.jpg]

Hey :D cool stuff.

I like where the top left of the latest studies is going.

I have to ask you though - Have you thought more about the narrative?
Is there anything interesting in store for us other than "An army of humans fighting big giants!" or "A lonely giant somewhere in the middle of nowhere and a tiny human for scale!"

I think, no matter how good the character design, the composition, the technique is, the narrative is what really makes a piece come alive.

Definitely spend some more time thinking on it. Try to come up with something interesting, or bizarre. Think of emotions, what are they thinking? What happened in their life? Why are they standing there? Why does the environment look like that? What happened in a few frames before, and what will happen after a few frames? THINK MORE!
Good luck :d looking forward to seeing more!

(I apologize if you already were doing this, but it might help anyone else reading this I hope)
Thanks a lot for your comment i apreciate any feedback :)

When it comes to the storytelling I will probably
bring more characters into the scene to make the situation more believeable maybe a kid too.
The whole scene is about the explorers/hunters that are trying to find food and hunt other animals
and they mostly avoid the giants .
Maybe i will clarify that by bringing in leather/fur clothing, hunting weapons and making the giant more dangerous.

(I'm sorry if this was hard to read, I'm not writing in english very often)

okay so this is the current wip :

[Image: qi3vKhB.jpg]

and here are some studies:
[Image: KbdQvBQ.jpg]
[Image: QPbNkPN.jpg]

little update!

[Image: bequ0Zv.jpg]

some more work on the giant and the hunting group
[Image: 2WHm6BJ.jpg]

[Image: r9477N0.jpg]

ok... so here is my final
added some subtitles ^^
[Image: TWZoTIr.jpg]


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