1 drawing + 1 painting both wips, any critique is welcome
FWIW top one is basically an under drawing for a painted piece, bottom is panel for a comic so I want to keep it a bit loose but effective, I still have 9 others left :S

That bottom one is just too beautiful! Really stunning, you're gonna draw all your panels with that amount of finish? It would make for one beautiful comic!

Not sure how far along you are with the top one, but just couple things that I see: From the bottom one it's clear you can draw beautifully, but that beauty is getting lost by the painting on top. It feels very muddy, if you squint your eyes down her clothes and the background all merge into one. Also the composition all seems to be pulling to the right, perhaps add some other diagonal element to the background that goes the other way.

There is this thing about 'exposure' that you can apply to painting, like with a camera you have to choose if you want to expose for light or dark. In this one looks like you want detail in the light parts, so you can say you are 'exposing for light', in which case any dark part or shadow will have very little detail and be crushed down to your lowest value. Hope that makes sense. I'll add super quick paintover to show what I mean.

Exaggerated it a bit to show what I mean. I darkened all the dark parts, reduced contrast in the darks and painted out a lot of the details in the darks.

Hope there is something helpful here! Good luck with your comic, hope I can see it sometime : )


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