i'm not sure about the forms and lineart
Hi, i'm making a series of fakemon inspired by dragqueen, i'm making humanoid version and animalish version.
I want to push further in this one, but there something that i can't see or don't know yet.
I'm open to critiques, tips, book suggestions, paintover and redlines.
To paint i use photoshop and for lineart Paintoolsai.

[I'll update this thread]

Clownrio - Bianca Del Rio
[Image: vmnCc.jpg]
Animal - Tarantula
[Image: vmnBC.png]

Behnedles - Sharon Needles

Animal - Ram
[Image: vmnDj.jpg]

Awesome designs! They are really fun!

Just couple ideas: Maybe try using a grey background instead of a white one, it can help to see value relationships. The white background makes everything feel dark, so you can end up going too bright. Also, the top ones feel fine but the ram one feels too saturated in places, a rule of thumb can be to use less saturation in the lit parts and raise it up in the shadow parts. Also, Sycra has a good video on choosing colours, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kQllLy_X4I

the gist is that whichever colour you want as your most saturated colour, you have to lower the saturation of other colours the further away it is around the colour wheel.

Hope it's helpful!


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