Jerry's Sketchbook ( Noooobie )
Another day , another update! still nothing exciting but im learning lots and lots

I did some 15 min landscapes trying to train my eyes to see colour properly, i started to block in the colour on the man study im doing, I wanted to use 100% opacity so that i had to block as close to the real colour as i possibly could, then ill just go over and blend it all.
aswell as some more through the drawing the figure with loomis book.

I started a sketch of the torso too

Learned today:
Colour is very... very deceptive
more pencil rendering

I also watched this video,i think anyone starting or worried should watch this

[Image: 15min1.jpg]
[Image: 15min2.jpg]
[Image: 15min3.jpg]
[Image: blockin.jpg]
[Image: sketchbook1-3.jpg]
[Image: sketchbook2-4.jpg]
\[Image: sketchbook3-3.jpg]
Today was a little slower, I did not get as much done but i took my time with things and studied them all alot harder. I finished my torso man, then i drew some face from imagination, then at the end of the night ( Australia time ahaha )
I set up a little still life at my desk and painted it :) I had lots of fun today and im starting to see colour a little better

Learned today
the HUGE effect lighting colour has on the colour of objects

[Image: Stilllife-1.jpg]
[Image: updae1.jpg]
[Image: update2.jpg]
today i was abit distracted as i am moving state in the next week or so. but i did get some stuff done.Box men and did some more on my full figure study to :)

Learned today: skin tones have a huge array of colours!

[Image: backmuscles.jpg]
[Image: figure.png]
[Image: Picture16.jpg]
[Image: Picture17.jpg]
[Image: Picture18.jpg]
Oookkkaayyy well today i had a bit of a ' DING ' Moment, I was walking along some tiles and i was thinking about perspective, then something connected by looking at the patterns in the tiles to the logic of perspective, from the lines in the tiles it made me think about 3d space and i used that to apply to constructing forms, Which was very helpful. So today i did some eye studies, but they are not very good :(

I did a little pointless doodle just to clear my head, haha i know everything is anatomically wrong but just for fun

Then i worked on the skin study for a little while and finished up with MY FIRST SELF PORTRAIT FROM LIFE :)

I assure you im not that ugly haha
Thanks for looking

Learned today: Perspective in construction
[Image: allblockedinbeforeblend1.jpg][Image: doodle.jpg][Image: Firstselfportrait.jpg][Image: Picture18-1.jpg][Image: Picture19.jpg][Image: Picture20.jpg][Image: Picture21.jpg][Image: Picture22.jpg][Image: Picture23.jpg]
these studies are looking really good Jerry, it awesome watching a beginner progress so quickly and I especially like your portraits. Can't wait to see more ;)
thank you for looking at my Sketchbook Ryan :)
Everyone is progressing well ! Good group of people :)
hummmmm well today was a little uneventful, im still sidetracked trying to organise my interstate move. But i did get some drawing done

since i understood perspective in construction a little better it kind of made it harder, because i realised i had been doing it all wrong. One thing is good because it means its a next step in learning, but it also means learning all over again haha. I really want to learn perspective better, So ive been practicing the box men and just drawing shapes and parts of heads. Trying to understand how things work in perspective. I know about using the vanishing points and horizon lines. but i also just want to get the hang of drawing spheres and boxes from any angle in my mind to aid in constructing figures,

Oh well i guess i will just have to try and work harder tomorrow so i dont feel lost and confused like i did today, i hope that if i just keep doing it i will understand it more !

thanks for looking by anyone who is reading this

[Image: sketchbook1-4.jpg]

[Image: sketchbook2-5.jpg]
It's great to see all these studies! Don't forget to test what you've learned by doing things from imagination. Thanks for that link to the commencement speech, I'm listening to it now. Seems pretty entertaining and thought-provoking =]
As Mooeloo said learn and apply! so try some stuff from imagination after your studies

thanks for looking by my sketchbook guys :)
ill do a picture today that uses the nose and eye studies i have done over the last day. I wonder how it will turn out haha
okkaayy so here is some stuff from today. I have a huuugeeee headache from thinking so much haha. I hope its my brain slowly clicking over to 3d more and more, i was doing some eyes and noses from imagination to see how much i had retained but i was really really thinking about drawing in space. Like not just putting the nose going that way because it looked good but trying to really think hard about, The nose is coming out this because that's the depth in space. I hope that makes sense and i dont sound like a lunatic haha. Then i just played with some more shapes trying to get my head to think of space more. At the end of the night i set up a spoon and tried to paint it, but i think i was too tired and i rushed it, didnt give myself time to study colours and look hard enough. ! But today is a new day! hopefully ill improve in time !

Thanks again for looking by if you have read this... Dont be a lurker! id love some advice if you can!

Learnt today : Beginning to think a lot more of 3d space when i draw, however does cause brain strain at start haha

[Image: sketchbook2-6.jpg]
[Image: sletchbook1.jpg]
Today i wasted so much time, Im not sure how but i have barley anything to upload
However ! i can feel each day that im understanding 3d space better ! Working out the directions the lines should really go !

so today i did some nose studies, First from a tutorial, then from photos and then from imagination to see what i had remembered ! Then i figured i would try another head since im understanding space a little better. Then i decided i would just paint it for some fun

learnt today : started to learn about drawing noses in perspective

[Image: sketchbook1-5.jpg]
[Image: sketchbook2-7.jpg]

So today i did some mouths, not many. Just did 3-4 from loomis and bridgeman then the rest from imagination, I enjoy just drawing things in perspective now, as you can see there are alot of mouths and noses tilted right back. As i understand it more and more its fun trying to do unfamiliar angles and see which way is actually up and which way is the depth ect. I also did some more Loomis studies from the drawing the figure book and they are getting a little easier now that i understand the perspective thing better, actually feels like im building the models rather then copying them.

Learnt : Introduction to mouth anatomy and basic manikin to build figures from

[Image: gestures.jpg][Image: loomisstudies-1.jpg]
[Image: sketchbook1-6.jpg]
Today i think i had enough of doing study study study and just wanted to paint something, So when i woke up i did some loomis studies, then i painted this character and did a quick study before bed. I need to learn to use my wrist less when im drawing and hatching, and start stretching it so i don't run into trouble down the road !

Learnt : using hatching to show form, following form direction

[Image: dude.jpg]
[Image: gesture.jpg]
[Image: loomisstudiespage2.jpg]
whoa i see so much improvement which each new submission

very nice, lets both work hard \o/ huzaa !

Thank you Glasya, keep pushing :)

Today i decided that i have had enough of not knowing what legs looked like, So some leg studies, once from loomis then from imagination to see what i retained. I then started to block in a still life but ran out of time and i couldn't get the colours right. I am determined to do another tomorrow but with simpler objects
Learnt today: introduction to leg anatomy

[Image: Sketchbookupdate1-2.jpg]
[Image: sketchbookupdate2-2.jpg]

I was determined to try and do the still life, So i pulled the spoon back out !
Then i did some gestures and finally i wanted to try and paint my own version of a gladiator, Just spetn alot of time working on perspective and form, but doing something fun to learn it Ill keep working on him tomorrow with some material studies

Learnt: Little more about seeing colour, Form and perspective practice
[Image: gestures-1.jpg]
[Image: Gladprocess.jpg]
[Image: spoon.jpg]
Today i did some more of the Loomis studies, I wanted to work on my pencil skills so i did the anatomy from ' figure drawing ' but then i hatched it with my own knowledge of the form, Had some fun doing it :) also worked on pushing my values in a drawing just like having a value range in a painting. I figured same principle applied. I didnt get to work on the gladiator guy but i can see now that his legs are too short so i will fix them tomorrow and spend some time painting !! woo woo draw draw

Learnt today
Some more anatomy, having a larger value range in drawings ( and painting too i suppose )

[Image: sketchbookupdate1-3.jpg]
[Image: sketchbook2-8.jpg]
Oop forgot to mention, there will be one from loomis, and the following one is from imagination to see what i remember :)
Not much to upload today because this is taking AGGEESS to paint ! but im just trying to get it right and not rush or be careless ect ect! I hope to apply the knowledge from this study to my gladiator guy :) but im actually excited to start doing more of my own characters ! but now im ZZZ from doing one painting all day so i might just do some readying and theory work before bed ! thanks for looking in

I also started showing some form in my gestures,

[Image: gestures-2.jpg]
[Image: Knightpainting.jpg]
[Image: Knightimage.png]

oops wrong one haha
not a very productive day :( but did a figure from loomis then the rest from imagination, started thinking alot more about gesture, and realised how stiff and boring all of my other guys have looked, like the gladiator guy, I almost want to redo him from scratch because he just looks like a plank of wood jumping haha Then a little bit more of the Knight study

Learnt today: Anatomy knowledge is nothing without gesture knowledge !

[Image: Sketchbookupdate1-4.jpg]

[Image: knightstudy1.jpg]
[Image: portraitstudy.jpg]

forgot one image oops

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