How did you find the Crimson Daggers community/forums?
Feel free to share your story on how you found this great community. As for me, I found this place in about 2011-2012 while I was frequenting the old forums. I found Dave Rapozas old sketchbook, witch led me to his Livestream channel. Sadly, by then he had pretty much quit with Crimson Daggers...

However, Dan Warren was just getting started, so I had the pleasure of listening to his livestreams daily while I was struggling with studies and personal work! My memories of hearing his stories while I was sketching page after page full of fantasy warriors and naked ladies are memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. After that, I kept up with the forums (I used to have another user here) as well as numerous private skype/discord groups. It's amazing to think back on how many people I have met and keep in touch with to this day just by discovering this community.

The years has since passed by at an alarming rate, but im still hopeful about growing, getting better and making it in this industry. I have moved on a bit from straight up illustrations, and nowadays im more focusing broadly on creating game art, wheter its 2D, 3D or more technical art like VFX and such.

As I said, feel free to share your story. It would be cool to know how the dedicated guys who still remain here found this place.

Cool thread man :).

OK so I discovered Crimson Daggers when I was browsing around on I became a Crimson Dagger in 2015 with the intention of honing my art skills to a level where I felt I could do justice to this idea I'd had for a comicbook.

Over the years I have received some great feedback and picked up some great study strategies from browsing the awesome sketchbooks on here. Another really useful thing that kept happening was people would share links to some fantastic resources and as a result my art journey would receive a turbo-boost!

I've also witnessed some really moving moments on here where people would share some kind of hurt and the Crimson Daggers fraternity would rally round with support and encouragement.

Currently I am working on that comicbook project I mentioned earlier - the years are passing by at an alarming rate as Zorrentos has said so I am determined that this year will be the year I get this project off the ground.

Who's next to share their story ;).

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