Hi everybody!
I'm Israel, 26 years old from Spain.

In my childhood I used to draw everyday and I wanted to be a comics artist, but I gave up at 18. There weren't (and even now aren't) many opportunities here and I was weak so I studied at University my second interest by that time: computer engineering.

After 3 years drawing absolutely nothing I started making 2D video games (eventually because we both were busy with work and study) with a friend I met in the japanese school where I was learning the language and working. Then I worked in an office and knew that was not what I wanted to do in my life.

Graduation done, I dedicated all my time to make graphics for all video games developed by Tanoku, but 3 years later (2011) we gave up for some reasons. To me it was a great opportunity. I learnt a lot in those 3 years, it was great and Tanoku gave me a lot, but I couldn't improve my drawing/painting skills a lot in the way I wanted.

So now, I spend all my time for digital painting, drawing, design, concept art, illustration and all that stuff I really love.

Last year I went to the WorkshopSF and there I could meet to Dave, Dan and many other great artists. It was inspiring and now I know what I want, no matter how hard it can be.

SORRY for the LONG introduction, but hope it helps if there is any artist who's doubting about continue doing what he/she loves or giving up because it's hard. DON'T give up, because you can maybe find easier ways to live, but you won't be as happy as doing what you really like :)

Thank you DAGGERS!!!
I'm with you Israel, we will make it! and no one should give up because of his age! :D

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