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Hi y'all, I'm trying to get myself back to doing regular studies - I've been trying to keep sketchbooks threads going for a while in other places but most are gone or pretty barren now. Gonna start this off with the stuff from the last month or two from the most recent post I made on another for continuity, and try updating from there.

Great sketchbook so far! Lots of variety of studies which I dig. Great work on the latest piece as well, some great use of lighting and colors there. Hope to see it develop further, keep it up!

Thanks cgmythology!

Had some stuff I did right before the last post that didn't end up in it so this is more than a week's worth tbh. More 10-30 min warmups, roughly 20ish minute heads for lighting, two senshistock studies and then an imagined rotation of them from another angle, and some sketches that got out of hand.

edit - I can't seem to get it to let me remove that one attachment where I uploaded the wrong version of it, oh well, I guess it lives there at the bottom of the post now.

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Hey Kai, welcome to CD! Great studies you have so far. I particularly love the most recent line art piece (the character chillin' on the chair). I also dig seeing your process and how you take things from thumbnails to final pieces.

Keep posting and keep up the good work.

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hey Kai,
Just wanted to say in your work overall maybe you can step back from the piece and find some more interesting shapes within shapes
and you have a common tendency to render around the shapes of light rather than giving direction to the forms being lit. that habit adds to that classical digital painting look, can flatten things out and push features out of place if you aren't careful so I recommend trying to develop a sense of the forms being in 3d as you paint them
it adds a bit more interest in your strokes too

hope that helps a little,
your'e doing well with the studies  Thumbs_up

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