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Hi guys! I'm Dan. I got this forum recommended to me by my friend not long ago and I guessed it would be fun to post studies and sketches to track my progress and hopefully get some feedback. 

So here are some stuff I've been doing recently, trying to conquer anatomy and value

[Image: zekonje.jpg][Image: 44.jpg][Image: gggg.jpg][Image: edwin_henry_landseer.jpg][Image: kupoid_.jpg][Image: rockwell.jpg][Image: value.jpg][Image: 20200814_174312.jpg][Image: 20200815_195515.jpg][Image: 20200814_174336.jpg][Image: skica.jpg][Image: postari.jpg]
Hi, Dan. Welcome to CD! Great start to your sketchbook. I particularly dig the characters in the last image (and also the lineart version of them above). The candles are a nice touch and add a lot of interest. It's great to see you are doing so many studies as well. Keep up the hard work! Looking forward to seeing more
Hello Daniel, this is exquisite indeed!! Good job, very nice painting studies : D

Drain gang
Nice figures and studies! Looking forward to seeing what you do next!
@chubby_cat  thank you for your welcome; the mailman character got his own painting that I hope you'll see down below 
@ognjiša  @Demon Lizardman thanks for the kind words c:
Here is a new painting, some studies and wips for a new project

[Image: 44.jpg][Image: i.jpg][Image: t.jpg][Image: 20200903_151347.jpg][Image: 20200903_151336.jpg][Image: 20200903_151605.jpg][Image: 20200903_151541.jpg][Image: 20200903_151518.jpg][Image: 20200903_151554.jpg][Image: 47_enviorment.jpg][Image: 47_bakuta.jpg][Image: 47_girl.jpg][Image: 47merchant.jpg]
Wow, I really like the last image. You have a really appealing painting style. It is a little sketchy in areas, but I like it. Also those owls are really cute!

Hey man! Nice studies and balance on them. On the pieces you create I see to much information on these clothes etc, remember that the details from a object come with the half tones! everything on a really dark shadow doesn't have detail, same for the highlight side. Give your audience a little bit of clue of what material you're working on and leave the rest for interpretation, you can see that on Mike Azevedo's painting work on his artstation. Search for Mateus Lins, João Bragato, TCK, Pedro Kruger, Filipe Pagliuso and Even Amundsen art work on artstation and give them a look on what they simplify and what they show to us, maybe give you some idea and more solid understand of what I'm trying to bring to you! Hahaha! Good lucky! You're going to the right spot!
@JosephCow thanks man! I appreciate it!

@Matheus Chastinet Hey thanks for the feedback! You are right, I should definitely work on the values and where to put details in paintings. And I will also pay more attention when I look at those artist now, sometimes I get carried away by the shapes and sparkles lol

I should probably start posting more frequently..... anyhow, here is a portion of the stuff I've done in the past month or so  Stupid

[Image: 20201012_131728-1.jpg][Image: 20201012_131700-1.jpg][Image: 20201012_131716-1.jpg][Image: 20201012_131622-1.jpg][Image: goletete2.jpg][Image: goletete1.jpg][Image: 3_masters.jpg][Image: 4_lica.jpg][Image: 47promotionalala2.jpg][Image: 47_cuvari.jpg][Image: 47_enviorment2.jpg][Image: 50dinner4.jpg][Image: 50dinnerskic.jpg][Image: 51_famsco_2.jpg]
very beautiful work as always!

You got some truly beautiful stuff in here! I especially like the character designs! 

I like the environment you posted, but I think its a bit hard to read. The brushstrokes are all quite hard and its hard to see what should overlap what. I did a small overpaint with some atmospheric perspective, more defined values and such. Hope it can provide some useful feedback!  Thumbs_up


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