Character Design
What Joseph said is spot on. Astronaut's head (was, now better), hands and feet are larger than the character's still. Also the astronaut is completely out of perspective of that of the scene's "perspective" . The astronaut is drawn pretty much front on to screen. This isn't necessarily bad especially given the scene perspective, but the inconsistency between characters is an issue. Either pick the astronaut as your standard for perspective and proportion and apply to all characters or make all characters including the astronaut "fit" the same perspective and relative scale of the scene
If I understand correctly, you mean that the perspective for the astronaut doesn't fit the scene. Although you are technically correct, I'm under the impression most games depict character side view that way, even if it's incorrect:

[Image: 638-B3-E33-6-A74-4-D0-C-B02-D-267-E0-FC87-D20.jpg]
[Image: 1-E557799-EA61-45-CE-A636-08-F2721-A856-C.jpg]

Unless I'm misunderstanding what you are saying.
The side view being without perspective isn't a problem for sure, just making sure there will be consistency across all characters. I actually think your best attempt was in post 6, the image with the whole scene. The woman's proportions and read are generally fine and seem to fit in with the scene and the astronaut, though her head was a little too large overall, and perhaps a small tweak to make her look more down screen would have been enough. Perhaps take a break and go back to it with fresh eyes.
Ok so I took the version from the previous page and compared it with my latest one to see how I could improve it further for v.22. I also updated the map. I'm learning to play around with contrast to make the important things stick out as was suggested to me.

[Image: NKqR8tD.png]

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