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Hey there! Decided to start a new SB exploring what I'm really interested at.. which is illustration and character design.
For years I kind of put it on a side, since I treated it as the "desert" / saving it for last in order to  become a well rounded artist .... But in reality was delaying something I always loved for doing stuff I don't really enjoy, was a very stupid decision.

So yeah.. here I go, I'm practicing anatomy and drawing, hopefully soon I would have a illustration portfolio and start freelancing again.

First illustration bellow is still work in progress, the rest is just studies I've done last month.
[Image: aFOXGHJ.jpg]
[Image: WX1b836.jpg]
[Image: seoSgxj.jpg]
[Image: 1NvR0yi.jpg]
[Image: ouPmsnY.jpg]
[Image: As927jT.jpg]
[Image: jl5j6Tp.jpg]
[Image: LeP7EDi.jpg]
[Image: Wcp1rQv.jpg]
[Image: eKur9yp.jpg]

Hey man,

I like the anatomy studies, some of them become way too busy though, it  happens when you're trying to add a lot of shapes on one muscle group, especially on the back. If you wanna add more detail (more form separation), it needs to be added only after you've established a simple shape first, that way you'll have a limit so that you don't end up with a blob feel for the muscle shape. Hope that makes sense.

Also, the shadow on that cube feels super weird, I really doubt it could ever look like that, even if the light source is close.

@[b]walent  [/b]

Tnx a ton for the feedback ! Yes it totally makes sense, that's what I'm trying to do now, just simplify and get more solid understanding of anatomy, that is why now i go back to studying , starting from 0

When it comes to the cube , in my opinion only the ellipse shape is odd, thing is i imagined it slightly rotated , thus not following the direction of the ground, that is why  when we compare the axis of the cube and the ground it looks wrong.  Also your latest tutorial was doooooooooope, it helped a lot with some stuff other courses didn't cover.

Since I'm waay more busy now, I'm gonna start doing very small studies when I can, starting with the bones and going forwards with muscles etc.

[Image: CSnzc6g.jpg]
[Image: EtXMSXh.jpg]
[Image: WQ5b2Qk.jpg]
[Image: jBrNRcV.jpg]

While I was trying to approach how to do it, I found this really cool app/model for clip, the best thing about it is that you can download the free poses from clip and apply them on the skeleton just with 2 clicks. I think its going to be insanely useful for reverse engineering anatomy / drawing muscles on the bones from different angles and poses.

Also I made a new thread if anybody is preparing for freelance, i think it might be helpful for some of you :

The new post on freelancing and improving you made was top notch! Im gonna write a proper reply to it one of these days, but just wanted to drop by and say it really blew my mind!

You have great skills here! I like the first painting specially the shapes. I would love to see more finished pieces.
@Zorrentos - Tnx Dennis ! I hope my bad grammar wasn't too much of a hustle :D

@Kassatay - Tnx ! I want the same ahah , but so far im really busy and can't study much if at all.

Like I mentioned above, I have barely if any time to study. I plan doing 1 hr paintings like those . John Park's tutorials are very helpful to get me started with that routine .

[Image: TR4OeSv.jpg][Image: rbleGDz.jpg]

Looking really good, excellent use of values and textures here, very life-like/convincing!

Yeah really nice work and convincing lighting on the last two

Wow! I am really impressed by your rendering skills! They are amazing! :O
Oh thank you, but that was from following a tutorial. Here is the result of trying it on my own  and missing the marks i set for myself :P , I'm not happy at all, but hopefully in few years  of doing it , ill get better.

This is  a study of Glen Dean's artwork,  I love his art, he is great!  

[Image: S4Uqes6.jpg]

Just trying to remember the little i know about zbrush. Every few years i spend 2 weeks learning the basics of the program and then something happens and i totally leave it. I Ill try making small sculpts just so I dont totally forget it again.
[Image: VUNdXBE.jpg]

This guy is a closet fanboy of Avatar. he has a hug pillow of that blue chick. true story.
Damn that Glen Dean study is nice!! I like the way you simplified the mountains. It's a real solid study. His works have a nice feel of texture to them, and you've managed to emulate that in your study. I dig it.

Sketchbook // Insta

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Hey you have a really nice works! any social links to follow you around?

@chubby_cat - Thanks a lot ! I just found my old oil paints which provoked me to buy gauche and canvases. Im gonna try trad, just to test how much i really dont know haah

@Shuty - Thanks ! I don't have any artwork online (as far as i know) or social media, I even deleted artstation haha.

That Glen Dean Study is fantastic. Just saved an 'image search' for him and look forward to studying his style.

Thanks too for the info about the skeleton — I passed on an opportunity to get Clip Studio for $20 bucks a few years ago — wish I hadn't....

The 'fox' piece you started this sb out with is awesome!


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