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Hello, I'm kind of a beginner artist so I'm just focusing on improving my fundamental skills. My goal is to eventually be able to do concept art like those you would see in videogames. I'm still unsure whethever I want to do environment or characters.

I've mostly done paintings and everything in black and white so this month I've started a course with CtrlPaint mainly based on color, which I get very anxious about because painting seems kind of overwhelming.

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Good to see you follow through with posting your thread. Let's get it!
Hey ReVolgia! Welcome to CD. Great start to your sketchbook so far, I particularly dig the 2nd image and how you have painted it. Ctrlpaint is a great resource that you can't go wrong with. Another great resource is Schoolism, they even have some great concept art lessons too for when you feel ready to start making characters/environments.
Anyway, looking forward to seeing more :)

Sketchbook // Insta

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Hey welcome to the forum ReVolgia :)

Nice start here - I agree with chubby_cat - CtrlPaint is a great resource and so is Schoolism!

Keep it going!

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CD Sketchbook

Your first post is looking really nice! And don't worry too much about feeling overwhelmed. Right now, it's just a good idea to build up painting mileage and experiment with still life painting, painting studies, and trying stuff from imagination.

Keep up the good work!

I've been out for a while. Work has been hard!
I've also been kind of lost on what I wanted to focus on. So I am going to pick a direction, I'm gonna simulate the curriculum of FZD school and practice from there. I want to be an environmental artist.

Here are some sketches!

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welcome :) you already seem to be off to a good start to painting. Those insect and frog studies also look great, the shading is very pretty and their is a solid sense of form. Houses look good too, I never have the patience for things with lots of big straight lines

This is a great start of your sketchbook! I really enojy the bold clean use of colors in your first set of studies and also the variety of topics you look at. I am really excited to see where your journey is going with these. :)

Keep up the great work! :)

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