Crimson CHOW #35 - Battle-dragon Mechanic

This week's theme and brief by previous winner, CBinnsIllustration

Crimson Character of the Week #35
Battle-dragon Mechanic

"When the battle is over and the bodies are still burning these hardened and specialized folk get to work.  Patching wings, filing claws, mending scales and removing arrows are just a small slice of what is needed before the next rider takes flight to claim glory for the kingdom. A job rife with its own dangers where most bare the scars of a misstep or two."

The best of the CHOWs will be picked by an anonymous poll in the Finals thread and the winner is given the opportunity to pick the theme of the next CHOW's design, as well as becoming the title banner for that week! So go hard, design something interesting and unique!

  • No photograph paint overs, must be 100% original work. (See next rule for exception)
  • 3D is permitted and renders MAY be used as whole or in part of a painting, as long as YOU created the work. Pre-made and/or purchased, online, assets are forbidden.
  • There is no restriction on the character's gender, time period or culture.
  • Studies are recommended, but not required.
  • There is no restriction on image formats (horizontal, vertical, square).
  • Environment backgrounds are optional.
  • Keep in mind you are not required to stick to what is in the passage. It is more of a guide in terms of mood.

  • You must post at least one WIP in the WIP thread to be accepted into the final poll.
  • Finals must be posted in the finals thread before the deadline.
  • At least 3/4 of the character must be visible (minimum from the knees up).
  • Only ONE submission per person in the finals thread.
  • No fanart. We want to see your original, unique interpretations!
  • Voting will be held for 5 days after the deadline.
  • In an event of a tiebreaker, a winner will be chosen through a randomized name picker.

Deadline is Saturday, April 9th @ UTC: 23:59

-+|| WIP THREAD ||+-
I guess this brief isn’t inspiring much creativity, that’s on me dudes. 

Managed a few cycles to rough out this dirty little mechanic. Gonna try to flesh him out and Color him up soon. 

Not true, I have been AWOL and was gonna crunch something out for this! But I wouldn't ask for an extension if there's no one else, maybe if you want to do an art war version? Those are apparently a thing.


Link Tree

Discord: emnida
It’s color time! Not sure I will get the chance to add to this guy before the deadline but wanted to have a submission in close to final form so i dont let time slip on me.

I present Dingle the famed Dragon Mechanic of 2nd Division Fire Squadron. 

“He may walk with a limp and stink like a troll, but his skills with these beasts run down to his soul,
For Dingle the fixer has only one goal, pluck the arrows and spears and seal the hole”


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