HELP! How to stop drawing giant heads!?
Basically, whenever I'm sketching a person, either in a realistic style or a cartoony one, the head always comes larger than the rest of the body! Afterwards, I always have to scale it down. It doesn't matter if I start with the body or with the head, it always comes out disproportionate. And it isn't just part of the head, it's the whole thing.

This doesn't happen with other body parts. The hands, feet, legs and arms are all in proportion to each other. It's just the head that comes out to big

Any tips to correct this?
The head is the unit of measure that is the basis of proportion.If the head is to big digitally it not an issue.Since you can resize pretty easy with a few lasso selection and rescaling.If you work traditionally you don't need to worry either.The problem is actually situatated in the point where you decide to commit to a drawing(basically the point where you start to make it pretty and less sketchy) so my advise is work lightly don't press to hard on the pencil if you work traditionally once you have establish the proportion double and triple check that the rest follow the size of the head.You gotta stick to the base unit(the head) will you work also you can't just believe proportion will fall in place if you aren't being deliberate and observing reajusting constently.Don't be scared to be messy when looking for porpotion what you want is to get the size right you can clean it up once you feel you need to be more precise just get the general big shape and than the smaller shape.The problem sometime simply that you have no concept of that hierachy.If you start with small shape and than big shape you tend to be to thigh right away which isn't the good mindset to be in will sketching.By finishing with the smaller shape you tell your head that it almost time to start cleaning up and making thing look more refined.

Draw with intention. I can't tell you how unvaluable and under estimated this might sound but it so simple yet fly over people head.We can be drawing yet not really be involve in the thing we are doing. It easy to be day dreaming and drawing but the result will be subpart compare to someone who is drawing with intent. Happy accident can happen but they should not be the basis of a draftmen.

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It definitely makes sense starting with the larger shapes first and then slowly refining with the smaller ones. I guess I'm still to eager to draw everything perfectly from the start. Really need to internalize that it takes times and a lot of practice until you reach a point when even your quick sketches are anatomically correct.

Just gotta put my head down and study! Thanks darktiste!!

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