Desi's SketchBook
I had a previous Sketchbook here but Photobucket nuked every thing so I decided to make a new thread.

An update on what I've been doing which is Comics and Writing, though I'm still getting used to lineart since painting takes too long to make.

You can check out my comic in my signature if interested it's the Tapas link. 

Previous thread :



[Image: vZ73huy.jpg]


[Image: 95cnjFu.jpg]

[Image: gN7HMxM.jpg]

Comic Stuff:

Comic Cover Art

[Image: moUcyUd.jpg]

Just for fun

[Image: HCMVElm.jpg]

Character Design for a One Shot Idea

[Image: DKpVP7G.jpg]

Zara Character design 

[Image: lV0B576.jpg]


WIP Tatoo Design ideas For Destruction 

[Image: CisDsMa.jpg]

[Image: 9Rasv32.jpg]

WIP Rajin 

[Image: LgkyHp1.jpg]

Getting nuked SUX — and unfortunately as we all find — our life on the internetz can be wiped out in a moment


Anyway — glad you've persevered and started a new thread looking forward to seeing more


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