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Full Version: Forrest's Sketchbook of Wondercanes and Dreamsicles.
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So glad that the crimson daggers now has a forum, figured I might as well make me a sketchbook since I'm here. For now I'll just show some of my latest stuff :heart:


wow, love the snake-insect painting :)
Why does 2nd picture not have a giant muffin? Fix it now!
Thanks peoples, and Diarum, he ate it.

Bloodsports progress

[Image: 8d34f1a870ba0762b8388a872afef186.png]
More progress, I'm too lazy to load my sketches from my sketchbook I did today :P...

[Image: 59d36a873c9c1c65135868a1485f1a38.png]
The lizard looks awesome. But the composition is boring, it's just him standing there with a shield raised. Why is it raised? why is he just standing there? What is his purpose?
Diarum You make excellent points, though I don't know how much of a story I can truly show in the composition of an action figure box :/

Luckily a friend of mine at school was nice enough to take the time to take some very nice photos of me working on my traditional work and some pics of the work itself so I can finally show off my two most recent pieces. Both being done with Ebony Pencil and Prismacolors.

ou people can feel free to critique them if you find something that really stands out, I know I have a lot of perspective problems and proportions, I'm learning to take more time with these pieces now and make sure everything is to scale before going in with color.

[Image: 04db34d18451343bcdd69d4513997213.png]

[Image: 2e78f60c52c5f308a5dfc678dd2f3dbd.png]

All out of time so I'm callin it done

[Image: 73293d2690b59837a78e1868d66f8005.png]
that lizard monster came out better than I expected it, good job!
Thanks Conny :)

Figures and a still life from the stream tonight, need to do more of these.

[Image: figures.png]

[Image: stilllife.png]
Cool studies and work overall!

Keep it up!
Thanks John :)

I'm stupid. Haven't updated, not gonna talk about it, just gonna show what's been going on.

[Image: a148c808554bf4194a52febcf518eb91.png]

[Image: 9d1d90dcab236ab23ee1cf230373bb82.png]

[Image: 02388e5b36a2e0bcc851a4dea5cd4d57.png]

[Image: 38a0b2c1d406dda108f79d94eccea205.png]
Love your lizards ^.^
Great studies! Your Lizard man looks awesome!

Make sure you do some head structure studies. I noticed the eyes on your Thor/Superman face off are too close to the bridge of the nose (if that makes sense LOL!)

Lookin' great :D
Thanks people :) and Awynt, head studies comin up soon!

Watching me stream is like making love. It's over quick. Now watch...
Studies from today!

[Image: cec6d64802825f4aa981b7471a8bb4ad.png]

[Image: 34b7bed9d538f5bea4a23b6203289835.png]

[Image: 3320120168d5d0519519547a1af4d0fd.png]

[Image: 6c8f8a258548e128414ca71d0e4d361c.png]
More progress on the paladin

[Image: eff1fc1cbefff20160b82a3a8242ddd0.png]
Sorry for lack of updates, I really need to get back to doing studies :/ I'll have some to post tomorrow

For now I just finished this charcoal piece at school, now I'm on to work on my Iron Man vs. Batman piece I've been planning for awhile.


[Image: 3b07403220cf99c81fca3752fa2792e3.jpg]
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